Funniest Bingo Scenes in the History of Film and Television

Unlike its more glamorous casino counterpart, poker, the game of bingo has not been explored in a cinematic way as much. However, there are quite a few memorable bingo scenes in a variety of films and TV shows. From popular comedies like Bad Grandpa and Big Momma’s House 2, to the dark drama Better Call Saul, bingo is slowly winning a place in films and TV shows.

The game of bingo has earned some type of pop culture status in certain countries, particularly in the UK. What was once considered a pastime for the elderly, is now being enjoyed in the form of raves and parties such as at Bada Bingo. With sold-out shows all over the UK, this type of party is really taking off for people on the look for new ideas. But first, let’s discuss the funniest bingo scenes!

Bad Grandpa

From the creators of Jackass we can only expect some hilarious scenes and the bingo one certainly delivers. Johnny Knoxville disguises himself as an old man who is ready to cause chaos and outrage wherever he goes. And what better place for that than a bingo hall full of other old people? There, he becomes the nightmare of everyone who has ever played bingo. He tests the other players’ patience by talking loudly and, at one point, even drinks the blue marker fluid.

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Better Call Saul

Every Breaking Bad fan has most probably watched Better Call Saul just to check on their favorite questionable lawyer, Saul Goodman. In an attempt to find potential new clients, Saul hosts a bingo game for the elderly in a retirement home. While calling out bingo numbers, he starts reflecting on the meaning of life, and instead of delivering a fun game, he ends up talking about his bad decisions. The scene is highly important for his character development, marking the moment he decides to turn his life around and become the Breaking Bad lawyer.

Big Momma’s House 2

No list would be complete without the bingo scene in this comedy classic. Our favorite undercover FBI agent takes the family to a bingo game where we get to witness how seriously this pastime is taken by its players. When someone calls ‘bingo’ even though they haven’t won yet and a child starts shouting repeating it, the atmosphere becomes very tense. Funnily enough, it reflects reality pretty well because bingo players don’t like it when their game gets disrupted.

Each one of these scenes highlights an important aspect of bingo, from its fun side to the seriousness with which it is regarded by players. Without a question, it has earned its popularity throughout history and it is now played by millions of players. Moreover, the game has been modernized to fit in with the demand for original parties and raves enjoyed by people of all ages.