Jeffrey Wright says that The Batman is “the next evolution”

Image of Jeffrey Wright in the Westworld series

The other day it was confirmed that the situation with the film “The Batman” still without news. Actress Zoe Kravitz commented that she was waiting to be notified to start filming when appropriate, and everything continued there. However, once again we have the statements of the actor Jeffrey Wright, who plays Commissioner Gordon in the film and who in the past has already advanced ideas from the film, such as his approach to the role.

Again without revealing too much about the film, a common practice, this time it tries to advance what we will see in the film, highlighting the unique component of the film, yes, in a way that is not very clear.

My opinion is that the way I explain what we do is, as in any film, that we work together to create an environment, to create an idea, a setting, a tone, ”says Wright. This is the next evolution since 1939 when these stories began.

This is the next Gotham evolution. So I’m working offstage that [el director] Matt [Reeves] provides and also working on what [la estrella] Robert [Pattinson] is doing. We are trying to create something together that is ours, but that is also Batman.

Image of the Batmobile in The Batman (2021)

The actor claims that the best example he could give for this is to look at the Batmobile.

I read the script for the Batmobile and I said to myself: ‘If that is’. [Bruce Wayne] has created the muscle car harder than you can imagine, but it’s based on Gotham. It is based in America.

The production of the film is currently on hiatus as we were saying due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the premiere has been delayed from the summer of 2021 to October 2021.

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