Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh 2020: Procedure to Get Land Map

Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh 2020: Procedure to Get Land Map

Andhra Pradesh State Government has taken a useful and relevant step to launched Bhu Naksha Online Web Portal. Now, Andhra Pradesh Citizens do not have to visit Government Offices Personally. Directly, you can get Bhu Naksha and Land Details from Web Portal. Apart from these, many services are included in the Andhra Pradesh Web Portal.

In this post, we have added a few content for new users. This content is useful for those who haven’t use Andhra Pradesh Web Portal. Here we have created a pointwise list of content which is about Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh Web Portal.

Here is the list of content.

  1. About AP Cadastral Map Online 2020 Web Portal
  2. How to Check Bhu Naksha FMB Online 2020 in the web portal?
  3. FAQs about Andhra Pradesh Bhu Naksha Web Portal

Now, we have to expand the above content. One by one we will dig out more information about Andhra Pradesh Bhu Naksha.

About AP Cadastral Map Online 2020 Web Portal

In this post, we have put the information about Bhu Naksha AP Online Web Portal. Andhra Government and Revenue Department of Andhra Pradesh State has launched an online web portal. All districts of Andhra Pradesh state have been included in the Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh Online.

Here, we have put the Official Website of Andhra Pradesh Bhu Naksha Web Portal.

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URL of Bhu Naksha Web Portal:

How to Check Bhu Naksha FMB Online 2020 in the web portal?

Here, we have created a stepwise guide who wants to check FMB in Bhu Naksha Online Web Portal 2020. Those who haven’t visited Bhu Naksha Web Portal online, for those this procedure and steps will be helpful to view Andhra Pradesh Bhu Naksha. Let’s move on to the Procedure to check FMB.

Step – 1

In the first step, to download and check FMB or Cadastral Map online you have to visit the Official website of Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh.

For that open web browser of your Computer or Mobile Phone, and then type

Otherwise, you have the second option to enter into the website is click on the below-pasted URL of Web Portal.

URL of Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh Web Portal:

Step – 2

When you open the website of Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh, on the left side of Web Page you can see “Online Subdivision” Option, Click on that Online Subdivision Option. To Select Bhu Naksha you can click on any of their options.

Step – 3

In this step, you have to fill the complete required details that are asked on the page. You have to enter the District, Mandal, Village, and Survey Number.

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Step – 4

I hope you have selected the appropriate option that you have wanted. Now, you can see there “FMB Report” option, there you need to click on the “View Report” Option. To get Land Records you need to select this option.

Step – 5

When you select “View Report” Option then you can see Map of Selected Village. In this Map, you can check all the details which are required to print.

Step – 6

Now, this step is about to download and print Bhu Naksha of your Land. FMB Report and Bhu Naksha are available to download and print.

When you see FMB Report or Bhu Naksha then you can see both Download and Print Option. In the PDF File, you have to select the Down Arrow icon to download the FMB Report.

If you want to print a report then you have to click on the Print icon. Like that you can download or Print Andhra Pradesh Bhu Naksha.

FAQs about Andhra Pradesh Bhu Naksha Web Portal

Here, we have created a few FAQs about the web portal which will help you to get quick information and procedure to get Land Map.

How to received Cadastral Map AP from Web Portal?

First, you have to go to below link of Web Portal:
URL of Web Portal:
You can open this website from your Mobile Browser or Web Browser of your Computer System.

Where to contact if you face any Query related AP Bhu Naksha?

If you face any query related to AP Bhu Naksha, in case it is not resolved by your end then you need to visit Revenue office of Andhra Pradesh Government. 
For any technical query, you can contact through given Email ID: [email protected]

How to print and Download Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh?

If you want to download or Print Bhu Naksha Online, then you need to enter Your District, Village, Tehsil, and other required details. Then using Print and Download Option you can download Andhra Pradesh Bhu Naksha from the web portal.
I hope this Post will helpful to Andhra Pradesh Citizens, when they want to get Bhu Naksha of their Land, these procedures and information will be good for them. Follow the procedure to see Bhu Naksha Andhra Pradesh of your Land.

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