PMMVY Form 2020 – Rs. 6000 Pregnancy Aid Scheme Registration / Application Forms PDF Download

India is fighting with many fundamental problems in the economy. Since independence, India is trying to improve the economy as well as the lifestyle of the people of India. Today, the economy of India is in good condition, but the life living value of people is not good. India is facing significant problems in the poverty level in the nation. There are a tremendous amount of people who are living under the poverty line.

To improve the poverty level of people, the Indian government is launching many schemes that will give benefits to poor people. Due to the poverty level in India, India can not progress effectively.

The people who are under the poverty line can not contribute effectively to the development of the nation. However, due to the schemes of the government, many people affect positively. Many people take advantage of the scheme of the central government as well as state government.

Poverty will decrease the nutrition level of poor people in India. The woman of low-income families can not get proper nutrition in the food. Many women are pregnant, and due to financial weakness, they can not take good nutrition level food. They will give birth to a low nutrition level child.

Here, we will discuss one of the governments of India schemes named Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana. This scheme is launched to provide the financial incentive to the woman wh are pregnant and provide them an adequate nutrition level food during and after pregnancy.

About Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana:

The central government has launched this scheme to provide a financial incentive to the women who are pregnant. With the help of this scheme, the women can get the financial incentive during pregnancy and after pregnancy so that the women can take nutritional food during their pregnancy. If a woman belongs to a low-income family background, then this scheme may help her to purchase the full nutrition food from the market.

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Our Prime Minister, Shri, launch this scheme. Narendra Modi for pregnant and lactating women. However, Under this scheme, the government of India will provide financial assistance of Rs.6000 to pregnant women and lactating women for the first live birth of the child. This scheme will help women with poor economic conditions.

The women can get benefits from the government and take the nutritional food from that money. They can purchase fruit and green vegetables from the market. However, we all know that good nutrition can get from fresh vegetables and fruit.

With the help of the money given to women from the government of India, they can increase the nutrition level of their body. As the nutrition level of the mother increases, the nutrition level of children will also increase.

The women can build the nutrition level of their children at an acceptable level. However, any women in India can take advantage of this scheme. To take the benefit of this scheme, the women have to apply in this scheme. In this article, we will give you information about how to apply this scheme and the benefits of this scheme.

Where to Apply For this Scheme:

If any women want to take advantage of this scheme, then they have to apply for this scheme. Under this scheme, the women will get the Rs.6000 financial assistance from the central government. With the help of this financial incentive, women can take nutritional food, and they will able to purchase this food from the market.

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However, In India, there are among the majority of women, every third woman is undernutrition, and every second woman is anemic. Therefore, to increase the nutrition level in women, the government has launched this scheme.

The women can apply in this scheme through Anganwadi Centres(AWC) or the nearest approved health facility. The application form for the scheme Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana is available on the Anganwadi centers and health facility center only.

If any women want to apply online through website mode, then they can download the application form from the official website of the Ministry of Women and child development. However, they can fill the application form of this scheme.

Women have to submit this application form to the Anganwadi Centres and health facility centers only. They can submit their form to claim of Rs.6000 of the pregnancy aid amount. The pregnant or lactating women who have their pregnancy on or after 1 January 2017 can apply under a scheme called Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana.

PMMVY Registration & Application Forms 2020

As far as we know that the scheme will benefit the women who are under the poverty line. However, the women will get an incentive amount of Rs 6000 in three installments during three different stages of pregnancy level.

To get the incentive amount, the women have to fill the application form. There thee other application forms that every woman has to fill to claim the installment. Here, I will give you the link to download three application forms in a PDF format.

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PMMVY Form 1-A (For registration and to claim 1st installment under PMMVY –Download (861.68 KB)

PMMVY Form 1-B (to claim 2nd installment under PMMVY) (1) –Download (740.1 KB)

PMMVY Form 1-C (to claim 3rd installment under PMMVY) –Download (872.04 KB)


The different forms for PMMVY 2020 are below.
Form 1-A – For registration under PMMVY and claim of 1st Installment
Form 1-B – For a claim of 2nd Installment
Form 1-C – For a claim of 3rd Installment
Form 2-A – Application form for Aadhar seeding of the bank account of the beneficiary
Form 2-B – Application form for Aadhar seeding of post office saving account of the beneficiary
Form 2-C – For Aadhar enrollment and correction

As the application form is available offline on Anganwadi centers (AWC), ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist), and ANM (Auxiliary Nurse & Midwife). On this three-place, women can get the application form to take advantage of this scheme.

However, The application form is submitted to Anganwadi centers only with require documents. The documents contain Aadhar card of beneficiary along with her husband with written consents, Aadhar seeded bank account details of the beneficiary, and Mobile Number of her/husband/family member’s. Therefore, Every applicant should be sure about the document that is given to the government is accurate, valid, and authentic.