How to Receive SMS for Registration Using Online Phone Number

These days privacy is important to every internet user. You are less likely to find a person who would like to receive spam messages or calls from strangers. But having only the desire to stay confidential online is not enough to achieve full privacy, especially since currently most online services require confirming mobile phone numbers right at the registration stage. This is why many users wonder how to create an account on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Tinder without phone number so they don’t reveal their own phone numbers to anyone, which may end up with them getting into the wrong hands. Online phone numbers for receiving SMS provide such an opportunity.

Online phone numbers — what are they?

Online numbers are nearly identical to regular mobile phone numbers that people use every day for communication. There isn’t much of a difference. Online numbers, for example, are also allocated to physical SIM cards and operate in networks of real mobile providers. As a result, they can be texted or even called. However, there is one significant thing that distinguishes these kinds of numbers from each other.

Unlike regular numbers, online ones are used on the internet through specific websites and apps. You don’t need even a mobile phone. To utilize online numbers, all that is required from a potential customer is a device with an internet connection. This is enough to use them to receive SMS for registration on online services from anywhere in the world.

Such an option is made feasible by connecting active SIM cards with phone numbers to particular internet servers of platforms that offer online numbers for SMS using hardware like a GSM modem or GoIP gateway. Suppliers place their own SIM cards from various countries into configured hardware and connect to a server. Thereby, other users of the appropriate platform get the opportunity to use those numbers for registration on social networks, email services, dating apps, and other web resources.

What websites and apps are supported?

Those who intend to operate online phone numbers for the first time ever frequently worry if they are suitable for registration on certain internet services. This concern is especially pertinent when it comes to creating an account on instant messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram, as neither allows you to do so without first verifying your cell phone number. However, regardless of the platform, there is no cause to be concerned about that.

Online numbers may be used to create an account on any online service. One thing must be remembered though. Every platform that offers this solution has the ability to disable receiving SMS from any website or app. So, some of them may be incompatible with certain websites and apps. In this scenario, it is recommended to check the stock of the selected provider before purchasing anything. There are many of them, and it is not difficult to choose one that is suitable.

Who can use online numbers?

This is another typical question among newcomers as sometimes there is an opinion to have a degree or special license to operate these numbers. But none of these are correct. Online phone numbers were first intended to be a tool for everyone.

You don’t have to be a business owner or work for a huge corporation. It is enough to register with the appropriate website or app to use online phone numbers. In addition, registration on such platforms most often entails providing an email address and nothing else. This makes it not only possible for everyone to finish but also private and secure.

How to use the online number to receive SMS?

Before receiving an SMS it is needed first to buy an online phone number. The choice of where it can be done is really wide at the moment. Just keep in mind that it is easy to fall victim to a phony platform as there are many of them too.

If you want to avoid this situation, take a look at SMS-Man, an old and dependable service. This company has been providing online numbers since 2017 and offers the opportunity to register for over two thousand different websites and apps from any country in the world. Here’s how to use it for the intended purpose:

  1. Create an account at It is free and does not require any kind of subscription.
  2. Go to the recharge tab, choose a comfortable payment method, and top up your balance.
  3. Return to the home page. Choose the appropriate issuing country for the number.
  4. Scroll down to the part with supported online services and use the search option to find one from which you are going to receive an SMS.
  5. Click the buy button that is located to the right of the service name.

You’ve acquired an online phone number, which you can use to receive SMS from a previously selected website or app. Such a phone number should be treated the same as any other number. To view SMS content, you should return to SMS-Man and press “Get SMS” once the service has sent you a verification code. Use the revealed code to register your account.


Online privacy is currently one of the most crucial issues for internet users. It can be boosted via a variety of tactics, one of which is undoubtedly online phone numbers. To say more, using other solutions without this one makes far not really much sense. This is especially true when it comes to registration on online services that make it possible to see the phone numbers of other users.

It is not only suggested but also required to use all available tools in tandem to maintain the best possible privacy on the internet. So, when striving to improve your internet security and anonymity, make sure to use online phone numbers. That is not difficult, especially after you have learned the simplest way to take advantage of this feature in a matter of minutes.