“Money Heist” or “”La Casa De Papel” is Returning Soon For Season 4: Release Date and Update

Money Heist Season 4
Money Heist Season 4

Fans have been waiting for Season 4 since The Last Season Premiered on 19 July 2019. The reports do assure all the Money Heist Fans that the upcoming Season 4 is Due to Release in January 2020.

The director of the series did speak openly recently as reported by some of the official News. When he did visit the  XXVIII International Film Festival of the Andalusian city, he did reveal there some clues about the releasing dates and story of the upcoming season.

Money Heist Season 4
Money Heist Season 4

Most people love this season after watching the first episode of this amazing series “Money Heist”. The director Jesus Colmenar spilled some of the drink when one of the interviewers asked him about season 4. There were some exclusive details that are now all over the internet about the release dates of the upcoming season.

All the fans of the “Money Heist” Or “La Casa De Papel” are waiting for this amazing moment. The lead actor and director both spoke openly about season 4. They did confirm the ongoing production of season 5 which has already begun. It means that season 4 which is reportedly releasing on January 2020 might be true indeed.

Well, Colmenar also did reveal that the streaming giant Netflix raised a spin-off with one of the protagonists. But it is a disappointment for all that he did not reveal who. He changes the topic off after joking about the statement, “That Information Would Cost Us Our Lives”.

What Is The Release Date of “Money Heist” Season 4?

There is good news followed by bad news which will surely bring disappointment and sorrow for all of you. The bad news is that the release date of season 4 is not yet officially confirmed. But there are some of the rumors about the upcoming season releasing in March 2020.

As Alex Pina Confirmed that after part 3 premiered the filming and production of the upcoming season gradually followed up. Now it is time for the Good News. In a recent interview with Cadena 3 of one of the actors of the series, there are some exclusive details that the actor speaks about.

Thanks to the interview, we now know that Season 4 has wrapped up its filming and is heading towards the way to season 5. We also know that the upcoming season 4 will be due to release in January 2020. So you will not have to wait much longer to enjoy the thrill in the upcoming season.

Also, you must not believe everything that is on the internet as the Official Money Heist Account States. You will have to wait for some more months to know the suspense that they left us with on season 3 of “Money Heist” Or “La Casa De Papel”.