‘Empire’ adds another scandal with the arrest of Bryshere Gray for ill-treatment

The Serie Empire It is still pending to know if it will be possible to dismiss in conditions or not. The sixth season was the last and because of the coronavirus the final outcome could not be shot and, after improvising a last episode with what they had filmed, the producers hope to be able to unite the team and the cast to close what they started together. Now, for the record, they could be a little further after the latest scandal that has affected the cast: Bryshere Gray, one of the Lyon sons, has been arrested.

The Goodyear (Arizona) police detained the 26-year-old actor after the statements by his wife, who claimed that she had been attacked by Gray for hours and strangled her until she was unconscious at home this past Sunday. He was arrested on Monday, Deadline reports, although initially the actor known for playing Hakeem Lyon refused to leave his residence.

It remains to be seen if this accusation can hinder the return of Empire, which is in a difficult situation. For starters, finding two weeks to shoot the denouement requires a bobbin lace as cast and crew members have other projects underway and were supposed to finish Empire in the spring. It will also be necessary to see if FOX will be willing to pay for this extra episode with the additional costs.

But Bryshere Gray’s arrest adds another scandal in a production that had already had too many. Not only had it caused some shock that Terrence Howard was on board a project with such success, especially after acknowledging having mistreated his first wife (and having a string of allegations of assault) before filming the series. Also,
Empire yes lost a son Lyon after the firing of Jussie Smollett in one of the most surprising cases in Hollywood

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The second son to star in a scandal

In January 2019 Smollett, who played Jamal, the Lyons’ gay son, reported that he had been the victim of homophobic assault. They had allegedly sprayed him with a chemical and put a rope around his neck while spouting homophobic, racist and pro-Trump insults. However, the Chicago police department arrested the alleged assailants and found that Smollett may have hired them to fake the assault and thus attract media spotlights.

Despite Smollett complaining about the police department’s conduct, Chicago authorities are still investigating the events., convinced as they are that everything was a montage to increase popularity and his cache as an actor. The team led by Lee Daniels, who initially supported him, finally chose to do without his services for the last episodes of the fifth season of Empire and in the sixth he did not participate either.

Between Smollett’s shadow and now the accusations made against Bryshere Gray, the end that Empire He deserved more and more.

This accusation of ill-treatment may jeopardize the final ending of ‘Empire’, which had to issue an impromptu denouement due to the coronavirus


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