7 Best-Rated TV Shows That’ll Give You the Will to Live

We all have moments when we need a good show to sit, relax, and let it carry us away for a moment. Some may argue that binging TV is far from being productive and helpful. Yes, the best TV show can’t fix your problems or deal with tough decisions for you. Yet, they can uplift you and inspire you to make the changes.

As a student, you deal with plenty of issues on a daily basis. You have to balance your job and studies, sometimes find a service to help you with your homework and pay someone to write my research paper, and find time to have a social life. All these routines can be overwhelming and draining. You can always take a step back, take a breath, and watch your comfort series to find the willpower to deal with your responsibilities. 

Just find your unique feel-good show that can put a smile on your face and give you the will to live. There are no restrictions in genre and theme; the main rule is to enjoy it. We created a top list of TV series that will help you to deal with your issues and boost your confidence. All of them are available on most streaming platforms. 

Ted Lasso (2020 – …)

Available: Apple TV

Ted Lasso is a sports comedy-drama about an American college football coach who is hired to coach the English AFC Richmond soccer team. At the beginning of the series, no one really believes in Ted, ridiculing his endless optimism and humor, but quite soon, he proves that it may be the number one ingredient to your success. Maybe we all should try to be optimists in the world of cynicism and skepticism. After all, Ted manages to prove everyone wrong during the first two seasons. 

An easy and lighthearted premise, brilliant cast, and high-quality writing will make this show your favorite one to find the will to live. You can also add Ted Lasso to your movie night list and enjoy it with your friends. Probably a must for everyone who loves a good comedy-drama and sports.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015 – 2019) 

Available: Netflix, Amazon Prime

An American sitcom about 29-year-old Kimmy Schmidt as she tries to navigate the world after being rescued from a cult. This show will quickly become your favorite one to let go of your problems and look for the positive aspects of your life. It is all about the positivity and optimism of Kimmy, who always finds a way to overcome hardships thrown her way. 

You will also be charmed by the cast and strong characters like Jacqueline and Tituss, with larger-than-life charisma. It is a show that really reminds you that everything will be okay and you will figure things out. A real will-to-life booster for people of all ages. 

Superstore (2015 – 2021)

Available: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC

A sitcom about a big box megastore, Cloud 9 Store 1217. It is a must-watch for everyone who loves lighthearted sitcoms about real-life issues (or who ever worked in customer service). It is highly praised for its humor and potential to explore different topics while staying funny. Superstore is a perfect combination of talented cast members and versatile characters. 

If you love lighthearted comedies about mundane things and you don’t shy away from store settings, it is a show for you. You have 6 seasons to enjoy and get attached to all characters, from sweetheart lead Amelia to sarcastic Garret. 

The Good Place (2016 – 2020)

Available: Netflix, NBC, Amazon Prime

An iconic sitcom about people who have to navigate their afterlife and unravel several secrets about it. The Good Place is a fan favorite for a good reason: a talented cast, charming characters, and crazy storylines that you will enjoy even on the worst day. Just relax and learn from characters how to overcome hardships like a real pro, and sometimes it is not as easy as it may seem. But it is worth trying to be a better person at the end of the day.

The Good Place is a perfect choice for people who like dark humor. It can be an inspirational tale that no one is always correct. All that matters is that you are trying your best, and it counts. 

Chewing Gum (2015 – 2017)

Available: HBO Max, Channel 4

A British sitcom with a little bit of cringe sprinkled here and there, it will quickly become your favorite show to watch to get relaxed and distracted. Michaela Coen is a real genius at writing unique storylines and jokes without trying too hard to be funny and over the top. The show’s protagonist Tracey deals with all types of strange situations while trying to figure out her sexuality and relationships with others and herself. 

It is a must for people who are not appalled by absurd situations, adult jokes, and dark humor. If you want to get a peek into the life of a young woman, that deals with dating, religion, and studies, you are here for a good ride. You would stay for brilliant cast performances and get to see some familiar faces in unusual roles. 

Heartbreak High (2022 – …)

Available: Netflix 

A comedy-drama series that is a reboot of the 1994 series of the same time. It follows the lives of high school students from Australia who deal with their studies, problems, and heartbreaks. The show is highly praised for its brilliant portrayal of the adolescent experience and complex characters. You will quickly fall in love with the cast and each character and want to know them better. 

Even though it may be a bit overwhelming for some people because the show deals with dark topics, Heartbreak High really gives you a good perspective on how to deal with problems. It is funny, well-written, and doesn’t mock teenage experiences. Instead, you can relate to almost every character on some level.

Atypical (2017 – 2020)

Available: Netflix

A comedy-drama coming-of-age series that follows 18-years-old Sam, who is on the autism spectrum. It is a perfect story about self-discovery and self-acceptance that can give you a different perspective on what it means to be normal. It is a refreshing TV show that will help you to reevaluate many things about your experiences and life so you don’t feel alone with your problems. 

It is a perfect show for people who like to watch more neurodivergent representations in the media. You are free to add it to your watch list and then make notes on whether or not the show manages to explore the topic in full. At the same time, it is a feel-good series you can enjoy alone or with your friends. 


The list may be versatile, but it has one thing in common. Every show hits the same sweet spot of giving you a moment to relax and worry about the characters’ journeys. You can find characters similar to you while sometimes not relating to them at all. But you get to evaluate your problems and issues with a new fresh take that you can learn from these shows. 

Get enough snacks and dedicate some time to enjoying these series. You may want to avoid binding them in one night and really think about some episodes and topics.