Silverpoint Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Silverpoint Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Silverpoint is one of the popular Teen drama series that Steven Andrew and Lee Walters created. The series has had constant success in its last two seasons. Silverpoint season 2 was released on 17th May 2023 on its iPlayer streaming platform, and from that day onwards, the audiences were demanding to watch season 3; but as season 2 was just released, the makers have yet to share their plan for the happening of Silverpoint season 3. The makers have not shared anything about season 3, but we might get to watch season 3 in the future.

Also, many audiences were eagerly waiting to know about Silverpoint season 3. In this article, we added all the latest information about season 3, including its IMDb rating, release date, storyline, and much more.

Let us start our article by knowing the IMDb rating of the Silverpoint series, which is 7 out of 10 and pretty impressive.

Silverpoint Season 3 Release Date:

Silverpoint is one of the best British Sci-fi drama series, created by Steven Andrew and Lee Walters. The series’ first season was released on 6th March 2022, and season 2 was recently released on 17th May 2023; the Silverpoint series is a 13-episode long season. 

Now, as the makers have recently released the series’ second season, the audiences started showing interest in knowing whether there will be a season 3 of Silverpoint. But, sadly as of now, we are still waiting for a hint regarding the happening of season 3; but we believe that the makers will announce the renewal news about Silverpoint season 3 shortly. 

Silverpoint Series Storyline Overview:

We all know that we need to know the previous series’ storyline to understand the upcoming season’s storyline. So, firstly, we will discuss the storyline of Silverpoint’s last seasons, and then we will come ahead with the forthcoming season’s storyline. 

So, in the ending scene of season 1 of the Silverpoint series, the audiences were shocked by the mystery of four kids who suddenly whispered from the Silverpoint Woods; and then, as season 1 proceeded, we saw that one boy had decided to find what and how this happens; and where are the four children. 

And then, as season 2 starts, we show a group of sixteen children finding behind the mystery of those children who suddenly escape from the Silverpoint woods. But, as the season progresses, we see that the hidden secret is somewhere connected with that of the dragonflies; and then all the group member where suddenly finds some unbelievable clues about the aliens or dragonflies and figure out that, if they don’t stop them, then it will destroy the entire world soon. 

At the time of battle with the dragonflies, other twists arise where the children have to win because if they lose their game, they have to forget all the present moments, including the name of the friends and all those moments they have spent together.

So, these ending scene now creates a super excitement in their fan’s mind about what happens next to the series, and ofcourse, still, there are many mysterious parts in the series that were hidden, which may be open in its upcoming season.

Silverpoint Season 3 Expected Storyline:

As of now, guys, we do not have any news from their official sites; but there were high happening possibilities for the series, as there are still many secrets to reveal.

But, based on the previous season ending, it is not just a fight between the dragonflies and the children but a fight for friendship. 

Still, it is just a prediction, and we only get the last news after the confirmed happening news is revealed from the makers’ side, which might take some more time to decide. 

Silverpoint Season 3 Cast Member:

Well, it is a time when the makers have just released season 2, and still, they are waiting to see how the audiences respond to season 2. Meanwhile, the audiences were excited about the cast member list for Silverpoint season 3. 

But, the thing is, we are not having any latest updates for the Silverpoint season 3s list of cast members, and so here we are sharing the expected list of starring members who will play a crucial role in the upcoming season.

  • Oliver Cunliffe as Louis
  • Maiya Silveston as Kaz
  • Krish Misra as Glen
  • Jordan Adene as Finn
  • Katy Byrne as Meg
  • Aoife Hughes as Bea
  • Fayez Bakhsh as Fisher
  • Claire Goose as Steph
  • Scarlett Rayner as Alice
  • Liam McMahon as Daniel
  • Ellen Taylor as Carrie
  • Noah Manzoor as Jay (Johar)
  • Emily Flain as Emma
  • Skye McClenaghan as Maeve
  • Maariya Razzaq as Yasmin
  • Frances Mayli McCann as Charlotte
  • Lucy Chambers as Monika
  • Charlie Banks as Kai
  • Florisa Kamara as Meena
  • Alis Waters as Isabel
  • Padraig (Podge) McCormack as Luka
  • Keira Chansa as Faye
  • Kalli Tant as Dev

Other than this, the Silverpoint makers may include some new faces, too, in its upcoming seasons.

Silverpoint Season 3 List of Episodes:

As discussed above, the Silverpoint series of both seasons cover 13 episodes each. So, we can easily predict that if there is Silverpoint Season 3, it will also be the 13 episodes season.

But, as of now, as we are not having confirming news about the happening of Silverpoint season 3, here we are sharing with you the list of episodes of season 2, which is given below;

  • Episode 01: “Focus”
  • Episode 02: ”Little Sister”
  • Episode 03: “Don’t You Forget Me”
  • Episode 04: “One Door Closes, Another One Opens”
  • Episode 05: “The Amnesia Girls”
  • Episode 06: “Day 1”
  • Episode 07: “Lights Out”
  • Episode 08: “Special”
  • Episode 09: “Don’t Touch”
  • Episode 10: “Headaches”
  • Episode 11: “The Things We Did”
  • Episode 12: “Time to Save the World”
  • Episode 13: “How I Wonder What You Are”

Silverpoint Season 3 Production Team:

Silverpoint is a Teen drama sci-fi series in which Steven Andrew, the creator and executive producer, and  Lee Walters, another creator. Trevor Klein is the other producer of the series. Now, if we talk about the cinematography of the series, then Ray Carlin and Martyna Knitter have given excellent Cinematography to the series.

Other than this, the makers of the Silverpoint series are also associated with two well-known production companies Zodiak Kids and CBBC. Also, it has the three original networking sites, such as Hulu, CBBC, and the ZDF.

Silverpoint Season 3 Latest Updates (2023):

Silverpoint Series is a well-known Sci-fi Teen drama series created by Lee Walters and Steven Andrew. The series’ creators have superbly added a mystery to this Sci-fi series. It mainly focuses on a group of kids who discovered strange artifacts while searching for four mysterious children who suddenly disappeared twenty years ago.

The series season 1 and 2 got superb responses from their fans, and now, all were waiting for Silverpoint Season 3. But, recently, the makers haven’t shared any further information about the same, but not to worry, as there is a high possibility for the happening of Silverpoint Season 3.

We must wait a few more months to know what the makers have thought about making Silverpoint Season 3. 

Where to Watch Silverpoint Season 3?

As previously discussed, the Silverpoint series has three original streaming platforms: Hulu, ZDF, iPlayer, and CBBC. Thus, viewers can watch the Silverpoint series season from any of the three platforms.

Also, if you want to know all the latest updates about Silverpoint season 3, you can stay in touch with the official platform of the series and our websites.

Silverpoint Season 3 Trailer:

As far as we know, the makers have recently released Silverpoint Season 2 on 17th May 2023, and then after, they are still waiting to see the audience’s responses for its newly released season. And, therefore we are not having any hind about the happening of Silverpoint Season 3.

But, till that moment, you guys can watch the Silverpoint season 2s trailer, which we already linked above. 

Final Words: 

Silverpoint is one of the teen drama-based series created by Steven Andrew and Lee Walters. It primarily focuses on a children group and their adventurous activities, who had discovered many unbelievable things in the series. Also, the audiences are enjoying this series, mainly they all are very impressed with the cast members and the plot.

Let’s talk about audiences eagerly waiting to know about Silverpoint Season 3. This article is for all the true fans of the Silverpoint series because here we have included all the relevant information about Silverpoint season 3, its release date, storyline, cast members, and much more. 

Hopefully, you get all the relevant information from our articles about the series’ upcoming season. And still, if you have any queries, feel free to comment in our website comment section.