Know Why Online Cricket Betting Has Become So Popular In India

Indians have a huge craze for cricket as a sport. According to research, 90% of the total cricket fans of the world are Indians. Hence, it is clear that cricket runs in the vein of Indians. Though cricket is not the official national game of India, Indians treat it as the most wanted sport in the country. They enjoy everything about cricket.

Among all the formats of cricket, t20 is one of the most popular formats among the Indians. After introducing the Indian Premier League (Cricket), the popularity has increased not only in India but throughout the world. Cricket is one of the most popular t20 leagues in the world. Cricket has increased the frequency of online match betting in India. Nowadays, many legal companies are there for online Cricket betting, and parimatch Cricket betting is one of them. You can place bets on Parimatch android app download.

Why Is Cricket Online Betting So Popular?

The trend of online match betting was in India for many years. After CRICKET has started, the popularity of Cricket betting has increased hugely. As almost everyone has an internet connection on their phone, it is easy for them to join the online Cricket betting. Also, online betting companies offer exciting opportunities for people. The reasons why Indians are too much into online Cricket betting 2021 are discussed below in this article.

Quick And Easy Process Of Earning Money

Online match betting is one of the easiest ways of earning money quickly. For Indians, online cricket betting has become an easy way of making money. In the time of CRICKET, the frequency of online betting increases massively for the craze of cricket. Many online cricket betting companies launch exciting offers on Cricket betting for the Indians. Though the chances of losing are also there, the Indians don’t consider it. They think about the profit in a short time.

Easily Accessible In India

In India, online cricket betting is easily accessible. The bettors have to go online, download the playing app and play. Many apps are there for online Cricket 2021 betting. Among the online betting apps, parimatch online cricket betting is one of the most popular platforms for its easy access. The bettors can bet on their favourite CRICKET team with a good internet connection easily. Online CRICKET betting is very convenient. Someone can get profit just by supporting your favourite cricket team in CRICKET.

Less Risky Than Other Gamblings

The gamblers have a positive experience in Cricket betting. Gambling firms are running in India, which are not legal. Online match betting through legal apps or websites are legal in India. Through illegal gambling, there is no security of money and is too risky in the legal field. Illegal gambling can put someone in jail also. Cricket online betting is way more safe and secure, and legal. Hence, the popularity has increased more.

Internet Connectivity

In the present days, the number of internet users in India is massive. The number of internet users has increased over the last ten years. The number was more than 560 million by December 2018. This number increased to more than 620 million at the end of 2019. According to the counting of 2020, it reached almost 730 million at the end of the year. It encourages online match betting in India. The market of e-gaming also supports this popularity of Cricket betting.

Reliable Betting Sites

For online cricket betting, the reliability and the quality of the betting site are crucial. Many betting sites in India offer excellent security of personal information and funds, different options of deposition and withdrawing, quality customer service, etc. Also, the sites have attractive welcoming offers and packages, which the customers look for. Presence of such quality betting sites are one of the main reasons for the increase in Cricket online betting. Cricket betting parimatch is one of the best options.


As cricket is lovable for Indians, they love to play, enjoy and gamble too. That is why the popularity of online CRICKET betting in 2021 is going high. Also, there are many secondary reasons for this popularity. Parimatch CRICKET provides an excellent platform to the bettors for online cricket betting, safe and secure.