End of Grace and Frankie Era: Season 8 Cut Down by NETFLIX

End of Grace and Frankie Era: Season 8 Cut Down by NETFLIX

Did the very anticipated Grace and Frankie season 8 get canceled by Netflix? Or are there any chances of renewal any time later? Many fans anticipated a season 8 of Grace and Frankie. Unfortunately, the show got terminated by Netflix, coming to an end. 

The very spectacular journey of Grace and Frankie through their ups and downs, happiness, and troubles left us troubled for season 8. But the expectation was cut off by Netflix revealing the nightmare of every fan; the end of its favorite show. 

About Grace and Frankie:

Grace and Frankie is a joyous series starring Jane Fonda as Grace Hanson, Lily Tomlin as Frankie Bernstein, Sam Waterston, and Martin Sheen. The very famous writer of the king of sitcom “Friends” Marta Kauffman, along with Howard J. Morris, created the show.

The laughter and joy in the series reflected on the viewers and made them infectiously happy. 

The release of the series’ first season is traced back to May 8, 2015. The story involves Grace and Frankie, who form an unexpected and unplanned friendship after their husbands’ revelation of being in love with each other and deciding to marry.

The life of the two senescent women comes to an accelerating turn after that. 

The series, which dates back to 2015, received its worth after the second and sixth seasons dating from 2016 to 2020.

The seventh season of Grace and Frankie came after an agonizing 19 months on August 13, 2021. Fans were disappointed after its release as it consisted of only four episodes. So there was the second part of season seven.

April 29, 2022, marked the release of the rest of the twelve episodes. 

The End? 

The renewal of season 8 of Grace and Frankie lost its base and came to a halting end in season 7. It broke the viewers’ hearts as they lost the connection between Grace and Frankie and had to say goodbye to them as there wasn’t a sliver of hope for a renewal. 

But we still have the other seven seasons, which will fill us with our Grace and Frankie quota. Even though the end of the series and the cancellation were disheartening, it was inevitable. 

So, don’t lessen your love for Grace and Frankie; keep watching the other seasons to remind yourself of the pleasant duo Grace and Frankie.