Partners for Justice Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, and Everything You Need To Know

Partners for Justice Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, and Everything You Need To Know

Welcome to all the Korean Series lovers here; today’s generation is increasing their love for Korean series daily, especially if it is full of romance, drama, and suspense. So, today we will discuss one such extraordinary investigation plus apprehension series, Partners for Justice, directed by No Do Cheol, Han Jin Sun, and Hyun Ra Wae.

The series mainly follows the two characters Baek Beom, who is a brilliant forensic doctor, and another is Eun Sol, who is a Rookie Prosecutor and also belongs to a very wealthy family; both are working together to solve one of the mysterious cases. 

Now, if we talk about the IMDb ratio of one such thriller and fantastic series, i.e., Partners for Justice, it is 8.7 out of 10, which is outstanding and added to the top fans’ favorite list.

The first season of Partners for Justice was released on 14th May 2018. After having a good response from their fans, the makers also released the series season on 29th July 2019. Finally, after almost four years of season 2, the fans are still waiting to know about season 3; they don’t know whether it will happen.

So, in this article, we will discuss all the essential information about Partners for Justice season 3, including its release date, trailer, storyline, and much more. 

Partner for Justice Season 3 Cast Member:

Currently, there is no other information regarding the happening of the Partner for Justice Season 3. However, the fans still need to find out the list of the characters for the upcoming season. So, in this article, we have presented an expected list of the cast members who might be a part of the Partner for Justice Season 3, which includes;

  • Stephanie Lee as Stella Hwang
  • Park Jun-Gyu as Kang Dong-sik
  • Joo Jin-Mo as Park Joong Ho
  • Ahn Suk-Hwan as No Han-Shin, etc., played the role of leading characters.

Other than this, a few other stars are still playing a vital role in Partners for Justice, including Lee Yi Khung as Cha Soo Ho, Park Eun Seok as Kang Hyun, etc. Also, there might be a chance of introducing new faces.

But the thing is, the happening of the series has yet to be finalized, so up to that moment, we cannot give any confirmed information for the same.

Partner for Justice Series Overview:

As far as we discussed, the Partner for Justice Series is one of the top-rated and fans’ favorite series, and every season comes up with a new face and new mysteries. 

Like, as fans have seen in season one, the Oh Man-Sang, the main mastermind behind every mystery, dies in a car burning incident, and Mr. Baek Beom is not at all aware of the death of the Oh Man-Sang.

Further, we have seen in season 2 that Jung Jae Young makes a solid comeback as a medical examiner, and he is arrogant, as seen in season 1. Also, he thought he was performing much better than other enemies like him, and he was always eager to know the secrets of people’s end life.

So, now fans are much excited to know the storyline of the most awaited season of Partners for Justice, and also, the viewers have set many expectations regarding season 3, which still needs to be confirmed. 

Partner for Justice Season 2 List of Episodes:

Now, to know about season 2 more clearly, here we will share the titles of all 32 episodes which are a part of season 2, through which the viewers can quickly get an idea about the season 2s entire episodes, including;

  • Episode 01 = “Baek Beom Meets Eun Sol”
  • Episode 02 = “Murder of a Pregnant Women”
  • Episode 03 = “Baek Beom Turns Witness”
  • Episode 04 = “Will Man Sang Get Convicted?”
  • Episode 05 = “Eun Sol’s Blind Date”
  • Episode 06 = “Jang Deuk Nam’s Murder”
  • Episode 07 = “Eun Sol’s Life is in Danger”
  • Episode 08 = “The Murdering Mother”
  • Episode 09 = “Yeon Mi Rae’s Murder”
  • Episode 10 = “Soo Ho, Innocent or Guilty”
  • Episode 11 = “Yeon Mi’s Muderer is Found”
  • Episode 12 = “Accident or a Planned Murder”
  • Episode 13 = “Solving Case in Quarantine”
  • Episode 14 = “Sol and Beom’s Health Deteriorates”
  • Episode 15 = “Murder of a Teenager”
  • Episode 16 = “Accident or Homicide?”
  • Episode 17 = “Did Sung Jae Commit Suicide?”
  • Episode 18 = “The Killer Pill”
  • Episode 19 = “Beom is Arrested”
  • Episode 20 = “Beom, the Prime Suspect”

  • Episode 21 = “The Most Challenging Autopsy”
  • Episode 22 = “The Real Murdered is Found”
  • Episode 23 = “Murder of an Old Man”
  • Episode 24 = ”Autopsy on the Dead Rat”
  • Episode 25 = “Nonlethal Dosage of Poison”
  • Episode 26 = “Sand Goo’s Murderer is Found”
  • Episode 27 = “The Serial Killer”
  • Episode 28 = “Return of the Serial killer”
  • Episode 29 = “Wuseong Serial Murder Case”
  • Episode 30 = “Suspects and Detectives”
  • Episode 31 = “Beom’s Vacation”
  • Episode 32 = “Han Ji Won’s Murder”

Partner for Justice Season 3 Expected Plot:

After taking the above overview, let’s assume the upcoming season storyline, which still needs to be confirmed. Based on the previous two seasons summary.

So, in season 2, we see the excellent bonding of the two characters, Jung Jae Youn and Eun Sol, who are working together to solve the mystery behind every death.

Also, based on their investigation, the makers might be introducing a few new faces for its forthcoming season, and the makers will also add to the previous storyline.

In short, if there is season 3 of Partners for Justice, it will be a perfect combination of the mysterious plus thriller drama season, which fans are too excited to watch. 

Partner for Justice Season 3 Release Date:

Partner for Justice series follows the storyline of a forensic doctor and a prosecutor who is the best teammate ever. It is one of the excellent Korean television series directed by No Do Cheol, Han Jin Sun, and Hyun Ra Wae.  

Before knowing the exact release date of season 3, let’s look at season 1 and season 2’s release dates. So, season 1 was released on 14th May 2018, and the season 2 was released on 29th July 2019.

And for almost four years, the viewers have been waiting for season 3, whose appearance has not yet been disclosed by the makers. 

Partners for Justice Season 3 Latest Updates (2023):

It’s been almost four years of releasing Partners for Justice Season 2, and till today, we are still waiting for further updates about the happening of Season 3. 

But, in a recent interview with all the Partners for Justice team members, they gave a hint that season 2 was the only last part of the series; and they are also thankful for all the viewers, and particularly for their creators, as they create such a beautiful plot for the series.

So, as per this statement, sadly, there will not be a season 3 of the series, but a possibility that the creators will make any other series with the same casting group in the future. Thus, let’s wait and watch for any further updates from the same cast group members about the Partner for Justice series. 

Where to Watch Partner for Justice Season 3:

All the crazy fans of the Korean Series like Partner for Justice, we know your excitement to learn about the details of season 3.

We have presented you a few names from where you can easily watch the entire seasons 1 and 2 of the series, that is on; Prime Video and also on Netflix. 

Partner for Justice Season 3 Trailer Date:

As we previously shared, currently, we dont have any official news regarding the happening of the series, so if there is season 3, then its trailer will be released by 2024.

Until that moment, you can re-watch the glimpse of the Partner for Justice season 2 trailer, which is already linked above.

Bottom Lines:

Partners for Justice is an outstanding South Korean mystery-based series excellently directed by three well-known directors, Hyun Ra-wae, No Do Cheol, and Han Jin Sun. The core of the series is a criminal-based series, which includes a lot of suspense each season.

Now after the constant success of the series for its two seasons, the fans are eagerly waiting to know the storyline of season 3. Still, the thing is, the makers have yet to share any news regarding its upcoming season, which bit disappoints the fans.

But not to worry, here in this article, we have shared every piece of information related to the upcoming season 3. We will also update you with all the official statements as and when the makers release them.

Until then, stay connected to our website to learn more about the latest updates of each forthcoming season and series.