Zayn Malik is Back with Yet Another Song, “Love Like This” – Is the Artist finally Back?

Zayn Malik is Back with Yet Another Song, “Love Like This” – Is the Artist finally Back?

After two years, singer Zayn Malik finally launched his Solo song “Love Like This.” Have you seen it yet? The song is full of energy, and fans are loving it. Since separating from his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, he has been rarely seen in public. 

The singer – popularly famous as Zayn, has been in the limelight due to his separation from supermodel Gigi Hadid. They share custody of their daughter Khai but are no longer together. There have been various rumors about why the couple separated. Some rumors involve him hitting his mother-in-law when Gigi was absent. Whatever happened, it didn’t end well. 

Former One Direction Member

There are many musical bands, each with an international fan base. Zayn also used to be a member of such popular band called One Direction. He parted ways from the band in 2015 while on a world tour. As per the singer, he wanted to take a break from all the “Stress, ” which is why he said. As to other band members, Zayn wanted to live “a normal life,” and that’s why he left the band. 

Recent Podcast Interview

Just when Zayn released his solo song, he was on the podcast episode. This was his interview almost after two years. He talked about the “passive” person he is in his personal life, but when it comes to his music career, he is “aggressive.” There were many discussions throughout the entire interview. He also discussed his life changed since everything happened. 

They also discussed a photo that Zayn posted earlier through his Instagram account. In the photo, he was seen hugging someone who looked like Selena Gomez. But it was not the case, despite what all the fans wanted it to be. 

The Music Video: Love Like This

Before releasing his video, he was seen releasing the name of his song, revealing it through the wall with graffiti. His fans loved this video. This video is from Mercury Records’ collaboration. As the president of the records described, they are thrilled to have Zayn with them for this. 

The musical president also shared how he was sure they would be working with Zayn as soon as they learned about his new song. Also, as per him, they all were impressed by Zayn’s vision, spirit, and drive towards music.