Stars including Drake and Michael B. Jordan to Invest in Pickleball Team

Stars including Drake and Michael B. Jordan to Invest in Pickleball Team

So many celebrities eventually start investing in some of the international brands and sports teams. Amongst many celebs, now Michael B. Jordan and Drake have recently joined the major league Pickleball Brooklyn Aces and are reportedly going to invest in it. 

Such Stars Elevates Brand Value

As Drake and Michael B. Jordan will be joining as investors, they will undoubtedly increase the brand’s market value. They are said to be part of various branches, including business, sports, entertainment, tech, finance, and more, as investors. They will be joining along with the new batch of investors. 

They will also boost the new season with all the pickleball community and fans. They will be joining other celebs who are already investors in this venture. Celebrities such as Tom Brady and LeBron James are associated with the brand and have been a big part of it for a few years. 

Both are Very Popular

As we all know, Drake is a five-time Grammy Award winner with a huge fan following. Similarly, Creed actor Michael is also quite the name in Hollywood with so many iconic roles that he has played. They are going to be part of the new Major League Pickleball. They will join famous businessman Steve Stoute through this new venture as businessmen/ investors. 

Why Pickleball?

Since the pandemic, the number of fans for pickleball has been surprisingly increasing, and everyone is associated with that. Also, as we discussed earlier, so many celebrities have already been associated with the project in one way or another. 

Additionally, the league has a catchy and impressive tagline that describes them in the best way possible. It says, “the standard-bearer for the fastest-growing sports in the US.” It consists of almost 24 teams. Twelve are currently at the Premier level, whereas the remaining 12 are at the Challenger level. They have many reputed and talented players included in both of these teams. 

Many Other High-Profile Investors have been Associated

Seeing such growing profit in many aspects, some other actors and athletes have been associated. Fans might know that famous NBA stars such as Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, James, and Draymond Green are associated with pickleball teams and have successfully conducted business. What do you think of all these celebs and Hollywood personalities investing in such widespread and potential sports teams?