Paul Rudd Made a Fan’s Day “Best Day of My Life” after Meeting at Taylor Swift Concert

Paul Rudd Made a Fan’s Day “Best Day of My Life” after Meeting at Taylor Swift Concert

We all know many celebrities have been attending and enjoying Taylor Swift’s concerts throughout various cities in her Eras Tour. Amongst many such incidents, the latest one is related to Paul Rudd as he made a fan’s day – the best day of his life. Let’s get straight into it and learn more about it. 

What Exactly Happened?

So many fans called themselves “Swifties” at the Eras Tour. Amongst many fans was Paul Rudd in the VIP tent, who was approached by a fan. This fan is a Chicago-born singer as well as a songwriter. He requested Paul to do a cameo on his upcoming song. 

As the fan describes this incident, he is on cloud nine, enjoying it to the fullest. He told Paul about the album he is recording, and there’s a song called Paul Rudd. So he asked Paul if he would be interested in doing a cameo. Paul replied and asked the fan to email him the details. 

He sent an email containing all the details about the song and the album he was preparing. To his surprise, Paul Rudd came and did a cameo as the delivery man. This song is called “A Good Thing.” Fans love this song as it involves their favorite actor Paul Rudd with an exciting concept. 

Paul Stayed for the Entire Shoot Day

When Paul Rudd came to this shooting scene, he was only supposed to stay over for the scenes he was in. But after seeing the friendly and enjoyable environment around him, he stayed almost the entire day, for five hours. The fan who made all this happen described this incident as “The best day of my life.”

The Video with Paul Rudd in it

Unlike his actual personality of being cool and confident, the video describes Paul as a deliveryman who is a bumbling and ferret-owning mailman. Not just that, he is also terrible at doing his job, i.e., delivering mail. All such day-to-day tasks make this video even more amazing than it already is. 

Moreover, when such a simple musical video turns out to have Paul Rudd in it, it is bound to be a fan favorite for so many reasons. The video moves further where “The mailman” finishes delivering his mail and then dances on the sidewalk. Have you seen this video yet? It is simply awesome!