When Will Big Tree City Season 2 Release?

Big Tree City: Introduction

A fascinating and engrossing kind of cartoon series is the most entertaining pastime for kids. Big Tree City is one such animated series created by Sam Morrison, especially for the young audience to watch.

Having premiered on the 1st of August, 2022, on Netflix, it has already caught the attention of its target audience. About the series: It is a cute, adventurous, and lovable show for kids aged 6+.

The residents of the big tree city get trapped in certain problems on a day-to-day basis, and then the rescue team steps in and solves the mishaps so that the city may function smoothly.

Big Tree City Season 2 Release Date:

As we told you, season 1 of this series has recently premiered, and now the Target audience is loving the show. Hence, we are expecting the creators to announce the renewal soon.

The creators have not yet revealed whether the series will be canceled or renewed for a season 2. Their decision will be based on the watching hours and the popularity of the show within one month of its premiere.

So, we will have to wait for a word on season 2, but until then, we all can enjoy the 15 episodes that have been released recently. For more information, you can check out our website from time to time regarding the latest updates.

Big Tree City Season 2: Voice Artists and Characters

Season 2 of this series has not yet been finalized by the makers. Still, voice artists from season 1 include Mark Benton, Hollie Taylor, Naomi McDonald, Joseph Ballarama, Lucy Montgomery, Hyoie O’ Grady, and Narinder Samra.

Most of the artists are well-known actors, but the makers also experimented with fresh voices for the kids to differentiate between characters they already are familiar with.

The characters in this series are Flame, Pecky, Kit, Tricks, Stripes, Splash, and Major Prickles.

Big Tree City Season 2 Storyline:

This series pictures the story of the Big Tree City’s rescue team, which includes Flame, Pecky, Kit, Tricks, Stripes, and splash. They are powerful and caring, all having a different super skill.

Their boss, Major Prickles, calls them to use their problem-solving skills to resolve the difficulties. Sometimes their plan A doesn’t work; instead, it worsens the situation at hand, but they don’t get demotivated but work out a plan B and push the problems far away.

Children look up to them, and Elders love them for their helpful nature. Compassion and friendliness are the main themes of this story.


  1. Is it just for the children?

Anyone who enjoys exploring Netflix kids and finds pleasure in watching cartoons will love Big Tree City. It is not just for kids; even adults would find the series cute and intriguing because of its vibrant animation and charming rescue squad.

  1. What do the kids learn from this series?

All the characters in this series are helpful, kind, and friendly. Watching it will expand your child’s imagination and teach them the importance of teamwork and problem-solving skills.

These cute and colorful characters might come to revisit us with another season very soon. Depending upon the popularity of this show, a word on renewal or cancellation would be out soon enough.