Is “I Just Killed My Dad” Based On A True Story?

Is I Just Killed My Dad Based On A True Story?

Can the convict also be the victim?

How can a person’s frustration be so fatal? People always tend to dwell on their past, which could lead to an inevitable burst of frustration. Even though they are sufferers, their actions could make them the convict.

I Just Killed My Dad Release Date

Many documentaries, such as The house of secrets- The Burari deaths show the true nature of the damaged human mind and the outcomes that eventually fall upon them. On Netflix’s upcoming list, we’ve got “I just killed my dad”, a documentary directed by Skye Borgman, and half-yard productions as its production house show a 17-year-old Anthony Templet who kills his father and immediately reported it to the authorities and also confessed.

Is it just a fictional documentary?

Many documentaries released these days are just fictional such as the Ware witch project but I just killed my dad uncovers the mystery of the true events that happened.

I Just Killed My Dad: Plot

 These events occurred in June 2019 when Anthony Templet who was just 17, shot Burt who was his father two times and reported the death while also confessing to killing his dad. 

 This family had a complex history of felonies which included kidnapping, and surveillance as the Templet household was full of cameras, and alleged abuse.

This family also had some secrets such as the disappearance of Anthony when he was just 5 years old.

This documentary unveils the harsh truth that might have led Anthony to kill his father. Was it abuse? Was it trauma? Or was it some other reason that led Anthony to kill his father?

I Just Killed My Dad Release Date:

Well, the wait for the release might just end now as the first episode would be airing on 9 August 2022.

The whole series would be available on Netflix to stream. As the series would be Netflix original it can only be streamed on Netflix.


This documentary would be intriguing to people who have a keen interest in the crime and mystery genre. For new watchers, this series might get them hooked up on the crime and mystery genre.

I hope this article helped in clearing your doubts regarding this documentary.


Q1. Is there any trailer so far released for the series?

  •  Yes, a trailer for this documentary was recently released on YouTube. The link to the trailer is provided below.

Q2. How many episodes would the series have?

  • I just killed my dad would have around 3 episodes with the first episode airing next month.

Q3. Could it be streamed on platforms other than Netflix?

  • As its distributor is Netflix, I just killed my could only be streamed on it and not on any other platforms.

Q4. Is the plot of the documentary based on true events?

  • The plot of this documentary is based on true events that occurred in June 2019 when Anthony killed his father by shooting him.