Where to Watch Clusters**k: Woodstock 99 Season 2 Release Date

Clusters**k: Woodstock 99 Season 2 Release Date

What’s the possibility of a festival changing into a riot? Many people might not have experienced such ungrateful events, but some may have witnessed them.

Many might think about what circumstances could have led to such chaos.

Music is said to heal and unite people, but the opposite happened at the Woodstock film festival in 1999, an event with peace, love, and great music which eventually changed into an event full of bad vibes and chaos.

To unravel the events that happened during the film festival, Netflix released a docuseries “Clusterf**k: Woodstock 99”, directed by Jamie Crawford.

What’s the Woodstock music festival?

It’s a large-scale music festival that attracts a ton of music fans. It is estimated that around 400,000 people attended the festival in 1999. Many artists also come together to perform for their fans there.

What happened at the 1999 Woodstock festival?

They were held in Rome, New York, with around 400,000 people attending the festival. Many complained of sexual assault, looting, vandalism, violence, fires, rapes, and riots. This festival had the goal of imitating the Woodstock 69 held in 1969.

The 94 Woodstock also was chaos due to storms that ruined the whole place. Woodstock 99 also had a lot of trouble due to the terrible heat waves, and the officials didn’t provide good facilities to the people. 

There were even some instances where the flag of the United States was burned and conflicts between artists. The price of necessities was relatively high, and the washroom facilities were also not good; many people also pitched their tents.

The main problem was the location, as the distance between stages was about 2 miles, and it was hard for the people to travel such a distance in excruciating heat.

This docuseries covers the horrors behind the so-called peaceful music festival. Many interviews and clips are shown in the series.

Where to Watch Clusters**k: Woodstock 99 Season 2?

The series first aired on Netflix in September 2020, after which it was announced that they would dig up more into the horrifying events of the festival, and it would be aired in August 2022. This docuseries could be streamed on Netflix.

Wrapping Up

People who are totally into documentaries should give it a try as it’s an interesting series to watch and learn the truth behind it.

I hope this article helps clear your doubts about its release date and the streaming platform.


Is it based on true events?

Yes, the series is based on the frightening events that occurred at the music festival in 1999. It uncovers the truth which led to such chaos at the festival.

Can it be streamed on other OTT apps?

As it’s a Netflix original series so it could only be streamed on Netflix and not on any other OTT platforms.

Is this series worth a watch?

I would recommend readers watch this documentary as it’s based on an infamous festival of chaos and unfortunate events.