Taylor Swift and all the Swifties Literally Shook off Seattle and Caused a 2.3 Magnitude Quake

Taylor Swift and all the Swifties Literally Shook off Seattle and Caused a 2.3 Magnitude Quake

Have you heard the popular Taylor Swift song Shake It Off? Its lyrics are coming to life at the ongoing Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour at Lumen Field when they caused seismic activity, equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. So yes, that happened. There have been reports of massive crowds attending the Taylor Swift concert outside the venue when they didn’t get tickets, and there were huge numbers. As many were inside the stadium, the streets were filled with fans. And this has happened at multiple locations, not just at one or two concerts. 

2.3 Magnitude Earthquake

One can say for sure now that Taylor Swift fans surely know how to shake it up, literally. There were reports from a seismologist that they had noticed and recorded an earthquake when many fans were dancing around during a concert. 

This incident reminded everyone of the “Beast Quake,” which was in the year 2011. There was a Seattle Seahawks eruption when there was a perfect touchdown of running back by popular player Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch. This Taylor Swift earthquake is being referred to as the “Swift Quake.” 

Who Detected The Earthquake?

It was Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, currently working at Western Washington University as a Geology Professor. When she reported this to CNN, she had all the facts and comparisons with her on how she got to know about the incident. She also compared these incidents and said the winner would be the one and only Taylor Swift with a higher magnitude earthquake. 

The Difference?

Caplan-Auerbach said the previous one lasted only a few seconds after the touchdown. But with the Swift Quake, there was considerable size, and everyone was dancing to the song’s beats. Also, the music and bass beats were quite powerful, and all these energies combined made it into a 2.3 earthquake. 

Interesting Thing

While conducting such thorough research and seeing fans so happy and enjoying, Caplan-Auerbach herself is excited to know more about this phenomenon, and she said she might go on becoming a Swifty herself!

She also added that she loves how science works, that figuring out all the facts combined with science gives you all the answers, and that she loves her job where she doesn’t have to wear a coat and work in a lab. Instead, she works on real-life experiences and observations and gets facts checked.