Supa Team 4 Netflix Animated Series Trailer Release and Release Date

Supa Team 4 Netflix Animated Series Trailer Release and Release Date

Supa Team 4 has quickly become one of the most awaited animated series, which will be released soon. One of many reasons is that this would be the first African animated series scheduled to release on the popular online streaming platform Netflix. 

Supa Team 4 Release Date

The upcoming animated series Supa Team 4 is all set to release by the end of the month on 20th July 2023. Fans can watch the series on their favorite platform Netflix as soon as it releases. Such animated series, especially the ones with a superhero story touch, as quite popular amongst fans. Not just young ones but even adult fans from many countries enjoy such positive storyline series. 

Supa Team 4 Trailer Release

Netflix has just released the latest trailer for Supa Team 4, and fans can’t keep calm. Animated series fans from across the globe are going crazy as Netflix released Supa Team 4 Trailer. Those who are looking forward to watching the trailer, take a look here:

Supa Team 4 trailer revealed so many fascinating things related to the series storyline. As the name suggests, there are four main characters – super girls wearing colorful spandex suits- in Zambia’s futuristic-tech city of Lusaka. Also, they develop various kinds of gadgets throughout the trailer. 

Along with that, we can also see there was a mentor – grandma, by kinda, cool one who goes on teaching them various things. It seems like she was the one who recruited the girls and then trained them from the beginning. It will be very interesting to see how it goes. 

Supa Team 4 Storyline

As we all know, any superhero series is incomplete without dangerous villains. Hence, we also got our dose of those in the trailer. There were quite a few villains throughout the trailer. To make the storyline even more exciting and fascinating, there were giant robots, a swarm of locusts, and many more such dangerous yet captivating twists. 

Supa Team 4 Makers Team

This African animated series is written by Malenga Mulendema, who is also one of the executive producers. Various episodes are based on the Sough-African animation Triggerfish associated with Cake Entertainment – a British production company. The series will be released just after a few days, don’t miss it!