Ariana Grande is Rumored to be Dating Ethan Slater: Co-Star from Wicked

Ariana Grande is Rumored to be Dating Ethan Slater: Co-Star from Wicked

After rumors that Ariana Grande and her husband, Dalton Gomez, are into their separation, the 30-year actress has started dating her co-star from Wicked. Not just that, the singer has already erased the photos and other memories related to her now ex-husband Dalton Gomez from her social media accounts. 

Ariana Grande Erased Her Wedding Pics

She got married in May 2021 with her ex-husband Dalton Gomez, which is not good for her, as she removed the wedding pictures from her Instagram feed. She wore a beautifully stunning white dress, whereas Dalton was seen kissing her neck in several pictures. She erased all these memories from her Insta account. Her wedding post was captioned “5.15.21” with a white heart emoji. 

She is Dating Ethan Slater

As the world knows, she has separated from her husband and started dating one of her co-stars from Wicked. Yes, it is none other than Ethan Slater. He is the one who played SpongeBob SquarePants in the musical and is best known for his role. 

A close mutual source of Ariana and Dalton also revealed some shocking things related to the couple. According to this, Dalton still wants to try their marriage, and he would very much love to spend his life with his beloved Ariana. 

Who is Ethan Slater?

He is an American actor, composer, and singer and has played a few significant roles. He has also been nominated as well as won a Drama Desk Award in the year 2018. Ethan also won the Tony Award for the same. He has also appeared in films, including EVOL: Theory of Love, The Man Behind the Camera, and Lost on A Mountain in Maine. He is famous for his role in Wicked Part I and II. 

His television appearances include Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Fosse/ Verdon, Instinct, and more. Since 2015, Ethan has been associated with Theatre and has been doing noticeable work. 

Separation Rumors and Now Dating Rumors: Ariana Grande

Earlier, when Ariana attended the Wimbledon finale by herself, everyone was sure about her separation. Later, there were rumors, which now have been confirmed, that she is dating Ethan Slater. She met Ethan from the sets of Wicked during the shooting schedule. It is rumored that she has been dating him for quite some time, but not even her common friends had any idea about it.