Recently Announced The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne New Name and First Look Released

Recently Announced The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne New Name and First Look Released

The Walking Dead fans are well aware of all the upcoming spin-offs from the show makers. Per the latest news, another spinoff known as Rick and Michonne finally got the first look. Fans can watch the trailer and get to know the first look and the storyline. The series has also been given a new name, i.e., The Walking Dead: The One Who Live. 

Dan Diego Fan Fest 2023

During the current fan fest in San Diego, the show’s makers have released a 30 seconds teaser along with the name. Previously, the series was called Rick and Michonne, but now the series has got an official new name. The announcement was made during the teaser release. Fans are excited to know more about the series. Soon, the AMC network will release the trailer, and fans will get to see more of their favorite characters coming to life. 

Other Details Revealed

Some other important details were released during the Comic Con. Fans also witnessed the trailer for another Walking Dead spinoff series, i.e., Daryl Dixon. It is based on one of the most popular leading characters of the show Daryl Dixon. There is one more spinoff series, i.e., The Walking Dead: Dead City. 

The trailer shows some mysterious scenes where the leading characters, Michonne and Rick, are seen. It starts with Michonne saying, “I have been out here a long time. I lost someone years ago. And then, things changed….. I discovered he’s alive.” Cut to where Rick is shown in some mysterious red fog everywhere around him. 

This is going to be a limited series and will have a total of six episodes. Producers and makers of the show have been thanking all the fans and cast members for supporting their decision to make these spin-off series. Also, the leading cast members were present at the comic con and thanked all the fans who have always supported the series since the beginning. 

Renewed for a Second Season 

Fans would love to know that these spinoff series have also been renewed for a second season. So after the first season, they don’t have to wait for the news regarding the second season confirmation. It is because the makers have already renewed them for one more season.