Game of Thrones Actress Nathalie Emmanuel To Star in Upcoming Ghosts of Ruin 

Game of Thrones Actress Nathalie Emmanuel To Star in Upcoming Ghosts of Ruin 

In a recent San Diego Comic-Con, there were many new updates regarding various television series and all the cast members who would be in those shows. Amongst many such series and shows, there was news that Nathalie Emmanuel, fame Game of Thrones and Fast and Furious, is about to join the animated series Ghost of Ruin as a voice cast. 

Animated Series Ghost of Ruin

Nathalie will be playing the role of Dr Angela Tucci. As per one of the executive producers, the role for which Nathalie has been selected is a monumental and pivotal character. The showrunner Michael Ryan also said that they love Nathalie and that her acting skills and sense of presence are exceptional. That is one of many reasons she would be perfect for this role. 

What is the series about?

The series Ghosts of Ruin is a science-fiction high-concept series. The storyline revolves around some gamers who take part in the first neural reality battle royale. This is an exciting futuristic gaming world. This game is called Ruin, and then it gets infected by some virus, which becomes an unimaginable nightmare. 

The series is expected to release later this year by the Web3 company Gala Film site. There has not been any news regarding the platform the series will release. 

Other Projects: Nathalie Emmanuel

Along with this one, there are some other roles that Nathalie has recently landed for herself. There is a remake movie of The Killer, where she will play the lead role. She will star opposite Omar Sy from Lupin. Along with that, she is also going to appear in Fast and Furious Franchise for their Fast X Part 2. 

Her Previous Works

She has worked on several projects where she has played notable roles that showcase her talent and acting skills. Since her role as the interpreter in HBO’s worldwide popular show Game of Thrones, her fame has reached new heights. She played the role of Missandei from 2013 to 2019, which got her international recognition. 

Soon she was cast in Fast and Furious’s seventh movie Fast Seven in 2015; since then, she has been associated with the franchise. Not many fans know this; Nathalie played the role of Young Nala in the musical The Lion King, West End when she was just ten. Other projects include Megalopolis and Arthur the King.