Netflix’s Uncoupled Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know

Netflix’s Uncoupled Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know

If you already binge-watched Uncoupled Season 1 starring Neil Patrick Harris – you are of course waiting for the second season, are you not? Fans are quite excited after seeing their favorite star appear in this latest Netflix series. 

After watching some of the most amazing LGBTQ+ series on Netflix, fans are very happy with such an amazing series as Uncoupled. And with the finale episode like this one, there are some most exciting things waiting to happen in Uncoupled Season 2. 

Uncoupled Season 2 Release Date

Since its release, Uncoupled has been watched by fans from various countries and are loving the show. It has been almost a month since this comedy series was released on the popular streaming platform Netflix. There is a total of 8 episodes and most of the fans have binge-watched them in a single sitting only. 

There is no official announcement from Netflix, but fans are quite eager to hear official news about the renewal. Seeing such massive popularity of the main character himself, the show is surely getting upcoming seasons. Also, the storyline of the show is not just interesting but also relatable, which is why fans are absolutely loving it. Fans are expecting to get the renewal news from the official source and also want to see the original cast members along with some new faces. 

Uncoupled Storyline

The story of this show starts with a gay man in his 40s living in NYC getting a sudden and unexpected breakup with his lover. Now he goes on reconnecting with life itself after being single. The lead character is played by Neil Patrick Harris. He happens to be one of the elite real estate agents in the city and his life takes an unexpected turn. 

Uncoupled Season 1 Ending

There are so many exciting storylines in this show that makes you wonder what might happen. Amongst all this excitement and drama comes the most amazing storyline. Each of the characters of the show holds you to your seats and makes you wonder what will happen next. Lets’s go over some of the most interesting plots of the show. 

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Stanley and His Diagnosis

After being diagnosed with cancer, Stanley shares this sad news with his friends. Everyone tells him to be optimistic as cancer can be treated and people can live long-term, without any major effects. But later onwards when Stanley gets to know about the survival rate for men, he breaks from inside. Because what he gathered was 5 years, and that might not be it. So let’s see what happens with his Stage 1 Cancer in the second season. 

Billy and His Situation

When his date caught him flirting with a waiter, with whom he already had hooked, he got shocked. And got a lecture from Wyatt. Also what Stanley said to Billy about why he didn’t ask Billy while he went to the doctor, was also something that shook Billy. Stanley told him, “He might not even pay attention to anything to what the doctor will say. Only chances are that Billy will look at the doctor only if he was shirtless and Grindr.” 

Later on, Billy was seen deleting that Waiter’s number from his phone. It would be interesting to see if he is really trying to change or if will he fall into his bad boy habits, just like every other time. 

Kai and His Father

After the 23andMe test, Kai decided to meet his biological father, about whom he or Suzanne – no one knows. So everything was set, but in the end moment, Kai stormed out of the meeting. He thought, his life is already full of many things and he doesn’t want to have any such shocking news, for now. This was Kai, but what about Suzanne? Well, it’s obviously not the same for her. She was very much excited to know the identity of this “mystery man”. 

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The Biggest Mystery of All

Since the beginning of the first episode, Michael has been trying to get back with his 17-year-long partner. Since he knew, Colin already had moved on, he also started to try to move on. So it’s been quite some time since Michael has been trying to forget Colin. But then the most unexpected thing ever happened! 

When Colin told Michael that he might have made a “mistake” by separating from him, everyone just skipped a heartbeat. Because this is amongst the things which Michael might say, not Colin. But the thing happened, and now comes the shocking part. In the finale episode, Michael looked more than alright in moving on from 

Colin gathered it from – where Michael was before all this chaos happened. What if Colin is actually trying to get back together with Michael? What will Michael do? Well, so many questions, and no certain answers! This is the thing that happens with fans after watching such a stunning series when they are not getting any of their answers! 

Uncoupled Season 2 Possible Storyline

Coming to the most obvious plot from the storyline, there are chances that Colin and Michael might get back together. At least it is what Colin thinks that he wants. But what about Michael? Since he has already started to date other people and finally he was trying to move on and then this happens! 

Along with that, getting to know about Kai’s father’s real identity would be quite interesting. Suzanne only knew that he was European, that’s all she knew. Nothing more was there. So if there is going to be Uncoupled Season 2, then fans should go on expecting some new faces. Because one of them is surely going to be Kai’s father. Wait, there is another possibility that this person could be one of the existing cast members! Did you think about this? 

Not Labeled As “Limited Series”

Since so many amazing series coming from Netflix have been labeled as “Limited Series” which simply means there is not going to be the Next Season – fans are relieved that Uncoupled is not a limited series. It says “8 Episode Series” and not “Limited Series” on Netflix, so that’s a big relief for fans. Because if it would have been a limited one, there were strong chances that the series might not get renewed. Even though there have been instances where even limited series have been renewed. Let’s stay positive now, shall we? 

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Uncoupled Cast Members:

  • Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson
  • Tuc Watkins as Colin McKenna
  • Tisha Campbell as Suzanne Prentiss
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Claire Lewis
  • Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley James
  • Emerson Brooks as Billy Burns
  • André De Shields as Jack
  • Colin Hanlon as Jonathan #1
  • Jai Rodriguez as Jonathan #2
  • Nic Rouleau as Tyler Hawkins
  • Jasai Chase Owens as Kai Prentiss
  • Stephanie Faracy as Lisa Lawson
  • Byron Jennings as Ben Lawson
  • Gilles Marini as Paolo
  • David Pittu as Dennis
  • Peter Porte as Josh Gibson
  • David Burtka as Jerry
  • Dan Amboyer as Luke
  • Bruce Altman as Henry

Uncoupled Makers Team

The team behind this amazing series includes Jeffrey Richman and Darren Star. The popular series Emily in Paris was created by Darren Star. Along with that, his most popular works include Sex and the City, Younger, Melrose Place, and more.