House of The Dragon Episode 4 Trailer: Increased Tension Between House Targaryen 

House of The Dragon Episode 4 Trailer: Increased Tension Between House Targaryen 

Recently released House of The Dragon Episode 3 revealed so many things and after that came the upcoming episode trailer. And the trailer has got so many spine-chilling scenes, making fans go totally crazy!

House of The Dragon Episode 4 Trailer Release

The trailer itself contains so many things, mainly between King Viserys, his brother Prince Daemon and his beloved daughter and future queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. There is so much tension in all the scenes shown throughout the trailer. It kind of looks like a showdown between the House Targaryen – inhouse itself and there are mixed reviews about it because looks like Prince Daemon is not going to stay quiet about not getting the throne to himself. 

The House of The Dragon Episode 3 has a time-jump of 3 years whereas the trailer for episode 4 doesn’t show any such surprises. There is going to be a war between the King and his brother along with the named heir of the throne Rhanerya Targaryen. It is all, always, a “Game of Thrones” when it is about kings and queens. 

House of The Dragon Episode 4 Trailer Breaking-down

Remember the famous catspaw dagger from Game of Thrones, which almost killed Bran Stark when he was a kid? The trailer starts off with the dagger in Rhaenyra’s hands, a scorching hot blade directly from the furnace. But there is something unusual about this extraordinary blade that fans might not have seen before in the GoT. It is because no such thing ever happened in the Game of Thrones universe. 

The blade has some words, like a prophecy and Rhaenyra reads, “From my blood comes the Prince who was promised, and his shall be a song of ice and fire.” Such ominous words are quite spine-chilling when shown in such trailers. The dagger is made of Valyrian Steel and can be used to kill night walkers. Don’t forget this is the same dagger that was used to kill the night-king by Arya. The dagger shows writings on its blade only when it is heated up at an extremely high temperature. 

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Prince Daemon’s Return to the King’s Landing

The trailer shows Daemon Targaryen returning to the King’s Landing after he was named the King of the Narrow Sea. That simply means, he now has more followers and that is enough to claim the iron throne, being the brother to the king himself. Fans have gone absolutely gaga over Daemon’s new haircut, where he is seen with shorter hair, rather than the usual long Targaryen hairstyle. 

The Throne Room

Viserys is seen putting down his crown in the Throne room and then there’s a large crowd waiting for someone to come. And we all know, who might be the one with the habit of making people wait. Of course, it is none other than the recently crowned Prince Daemon a.k.a. King of the Narrow Sea. And this is something that surely makes the King angrier. 

Rhaenyra is Somewhere Else

As the King himself, meaning her father permitted her to find a suitor for her marriage, maybe Rhaenyra is on a tour to search for a suitable groom. Not exactly sure about it, but it looks like she is sitting at the castle of House Baratheon, from the looks of it. She seems like she is on a tour to get herself a husband. But while doing that, did you notice who is there, standing right beside her? Her personal bodyguard Ser Criston Cole. So, there’s that. 

The Father and The Daughter

The trailer also shows Rhaenyra and Viserys arguing with each other and exchanging some really angry words. To one of his things, Rhaenyra responds with. “So I can be a remedy for your political headaches?” To which Viserys replies, “You are my political headache.” Both of them are quite furious with each other. 

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Alicent and Her Baby

There is a certain scene showing the old town which means Alicent might have gone to her father’s house. She is holding a baby, and the narrator refers to it as “the little princeling of three.” It might mean, it is Aegon who turned 3, which means there is a time jump of one year. Episode 3 showed the second nameday of little Aegon, so there’s that. 

Ending of the Trailer

Otto is seen along with the King and he says, “I have discomforting news.” And he talks about some “vile accusation.” Maybe he was referring to Rhaenyra and Daemon being more than just a niece and an uncle. We will see it in the upcoming episode and get to know more about it. 

Moreover, Viserys is seen replying to Otto, “Who is responsible for this gossip? I will take their eyes.” And he seems enraged by this conversation. Some might say, this conversation refers to Rhaenyra and Daemon because the trailer shows Alicent saying, “It is not Rhaenyra’s nature to be deceitful. I cannot say the same for your brother.” Later on, Daemon is seen in some mysterious situation, it is a night scene where he is wearing a hood and sneaking off somewhere. Maybe to visit Rhaenyra? 

Magical Hands

The shot shows someone’s hands, performing some kind of magic trick with fire, or something like fire. All these seem quite interesting as well as exciting, yet dangerous somehow. The scene follows with Rhaenyra running away in the dark wearing peasant clothes. Is she in danger? Who is she running from? Or is she going to meet Daemon who is waiting for her, wearing that mysterious hoodie? 

Rhaenyra On a Ship

Seeing Rhaenyra traveling on a ship along with Ser Criston reminded fans of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Remember when she traveled along with her Dothraki army and her close circle of trusted advisors? Well, this seems so much like that and gives an extreme resemblance to Khaleesi. 

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House of The Dragon Series

After being so popular across the globe, Game of Thrones’ various spin-off series was in the works. One of the very first Game of Thrones Spinoff series House of The Dragon has finally started to release its episodes, each week. It is going to be a ten-episode series and with such huge success, it has already been renewed for more seasons. 

Upcoming Seasons

Since the release of the very first episode, fans have shown great interest in the series. Maybe that is the reason why the creators of the show have already renewed the House of The Dragon for two more seasons. The first season is going to have ten episodes and there has been no news about the total number of episodes in the upcoming seasons. 

The starting episode itself received positive reviews and buildup a great fanbase, especially for the first-ever queen to rule the iron throne – Rhanerya Targaryen. Also, her uncle Prince Daemon Targaryen – being so reckless and unpredictable of nature has received amazing responses from the fans. 

House of The Dragon Episode 4 Release

The latest episodes of the series are released every Monday on Disney+ Hotstar. Fans can enjoy the upcoming episode just after a few more days.