Mask Girl Season 1 Review, Cast, Plot and More

Mask Girl Season 1

If you’re a fan of Korean webtoons, then you must have heard about the webtoon ‘Mask Girl’ or even read it by now. 

But won’t you feel blessed to have it released as a drama itself? It will be such a delight, isn’t it? 

Mask Girl Season 1 Review

On 3 February 2022, Netflix, on various social media platforms and other platforms, revealed that they will soon be releasing a new drama. 

They also unveiled the title and cast of the drama to be released in the future. 

The upcoming webtoon-based South Korean drama of the same name, Mask Girl, is a thriller TV program to be broadcast on Netflix. It is directed by Kim Young-Hoon. 

The story takes off as an inspirational one with the amazing comic timing of the characters. 

But as the story progresses, it turns into a mystery thriller showing how the decisions we think might be the best can throw us into the tangled life cycle.

Mask Girl Season 1 Plot:

An ordinary office-going woman, Kim Mo-Mi (Ko Hyun-Jung), is suffering from an extreme inferiority complex because of which she always gets caught up in numerous incidents making her feel her situation more severely. 

Being a child, she always dreamt of performing and standing up in front of people on the stage. 

She loved the bright lights of the stage, which could make her shine like a bright star. 

But as she grew up, she started to realize that her face was turning ugly compared to her childhood, but she was very proud of her fantastic body. 

But in the virtual world, Kim Mo-Mi enjoys her time working as a BJ (Broadcasting Jockey) while covering her face with a mask.

The names might seem a bit different, but both play the lead role in their own time.

Her co-worker, Joo Oh-Nam (Ahn Jae-Hong), develops a one-sided crush on Kim Mo Mi. 

However, he is also going through the same situation as Kim Mo Mi, dealing with his inferiority complex. 

But he finds his source of happiness in the broadcasting taken up by Kim Mo-Mi.

Unexpectedly, both of them will get swept under a situation, and we will have to watch the drama to see how they will overcome it.

On the other hand, Kim Kyung-Ja (Yum Hye-Ran), the mother of Joo Oh-Nam, is a single mother who raised Joo Oh-Nam single-handedly after her divorce from her husband. 

For Kim Kyung-Ja, her son is the most adorable and precious thing in the world. 

But one day, Joo Oh-Nam goes missing, and his mother begins searching for him.

Mask Girl Season 1 Cast Members:

Name of the Character Role of the Character
Kim Mo-Mi Office worker
Joo Oh-Nam A co-worker of Kim Mo-Mi
Kim Mi-Mo Another Self of Kim Mo Mi
Kim Kyung-Ja Mother of Joo Oh-Nam

The lead role of Kim Mo-Mi will be played by actress Go Hyun-Jung who had previously been seen in another Netflix Original Reflection of You in 2021.

Actor Ahn Jae-Hong will play another lead role of Joo Oh-Nam. He previously starred as a guest appearance in Netflix Original Kingdom season 2.

Other cast members comprise former K-pop idol Nana, Yeom Hye-Ran, who had been seen playing one of the lead roles in The Uncanny Counter, and Choi Daniel, who is well known for his work in the k-drama, The Ghost Detective.

Character/Role Cast Member
Kim Mo-Mi Go Hyun-Jung
Joo Oh-Nam Ahn Jae-Hong
Kim Mi-Mo Nana
Kim Kyung-Ja Yeom Hye-Ran
TBA Choi Daniel

So, for now, these are the confirmed cast members that will be appearing in the drama. When other cast members are revealed, they will be added for sure. 

Till then, you are kindly requested to wait for further notification.

Mask Girl Season 1 Total Episodes:

As per the source of MyDramaList, Season 1 of Mask Girl will have about seven episodes; however, it has not been confirmed yet. 

The duration of each episode has also not been revealed yet.

Mask Girl Season 1 Release Date:

The report says that the drama will be released in 2023. However, there is no notification of an exact date for the release.

Age Restriction:

The webtoon is allowed to be viewed by people who are listed as 18+, referring to being watched by adults only. 

Thus, viewers’ discretion is advised.

Mask Girl Popularity:

The drama is ranked at number 31518, and its popularity ranking is 9083. 

The website MyDramaList has also specified that about 486 viewers are waiting for the drama to be released. 

These are the statistics before the release of the drama.


The webtoon of the same name Mask Girl was written by Mae Mi and illustrated by Hee Se. 

It was published on the Korean online platform Naver from 15 August 2015 to 9 June 2018.

When the webtoon was released, it eventually became very popular and was highly anticipated to be released as a drama soon. 

And now we have the adaptation of the webtoon in the form of the Netflix Original series, ‘Mask Girl’.


Drama Name Mask Girl
Number of Seasons 1
Number of Episodes To be updated soon
Running Time To be updated soon
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Genre Thriller, Drama
Director Kim Young-Hoon
Status  In Production
Type Scripted
Release Date 2023 (expected)
Network Netflix
Content Rating 18+ Restricted 


Wrapping Up

If you are interested in binging k-drama originals on Netflix, then you must be excited after hearing the news of the upcoming new drama. 

So, look forward to it, and let us know how engaging you found it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Will this be the first season of Mask Girl?

Yes, this will be the first season of the Netflix Original k-drama Mask Girl. If it becomes a hit, then it might be renewed for other seasons also.

2. What is the genre of Mask Girl?

The genre of  Mask Girl is thriller and drama.

3. Shall I read the webtoon before watching the drama Mask Girl?

I suggest you first go through the webtoon because adaptations often lead to a slight change in the story.