Dylan Sprouse got Married to Long-time Girlfriend Barbara Palvin in a Secret Ceremony

Dylan Sprouse got Married to Long-time Girlfriend Barbara Palvin in a Secret Ceremony

As per the latest news, Dylan Sprouse – whom we know better as the twin brother of the Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse, got married in a secret ceremony in Hungary. He married his long-time model girlfriend, Barbara Palvin. Let’s get more details regarding this secret wedding ceremony that took place recently, away from all the press and fans. 

Leaked Photos: Looks Like a Secret Wedding Ceremony

Earlier today, some pictures looked like a wedding ceremony, that too, none other than Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin. At first, fans could not make anything out of such shock because it looked like a photo shoot or, say, shooting for some web series or a song or something. 

Later, when both are seen with wedding vibes, only everyone speculates and learns they got married. Not one else was aware of this secret wedding ceremony in picturesque Hungary. 

They have been a Couple Since Five Years

Dylan Sprouse started dating model and now wife Barbara Palvin in the past five years and got engaged just last year. They got engaged in September 2022. But since then, there have been no talks or rumors about the wedding. 

Maybe they wanted a small and family-only wedding before they wanted everyone to know about their big secret. Well, if so, they finally got what they wanted because no one had even the slightest idea about them being married in such an intense and small ceremony. 

Wedding Pics Leaked Online

Some leaked images showed the intimate small gathering where the duo can be so happy and in love. The Hungarian portal was the first to share these pics, as the photos came from Bors. It showed both of them in wedding attires and going to the wedding venue in Budapest. They can be seen exiting the venue, post-wedding ceremony. 

Twin Brother Cole Sprouse: The Best Man

Riverdale lead actor Cole Sprouse, the twin brother of the actor Dylan Sprouse, was the best man at their wedding. He was also seen at the wedding ceremony, enjoying his brother’s happiest day. He is visible at the end of the altar when the couple exists from the church after their wedding. 

Many fans might need to know that Dylan owns an All-Wise Meadery in Brooklyn, New York. He and his brother started their career together through the Disney comedy show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, aired from 2005 to 2008.