Bruce Campbell on his Doctor Strange 2 Cameo 

Bruce Campbell on his Doctor Strange 2 Cameo 

WARNING: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Spoilers Ahead. 

Have you already watched Doctor Strange 2? Did you notice Bruce Campbell, who appeared in a cameo role? If not, watch it again, because it is worth watching, not once but multiple times!

Bruce Campbell in Doctor Strange 2

He was in not just recent, but both movies, and in the Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, he appeared as a food stall vendor. While Steve was trying to save America from the Scarlet Witch, they were passing through multiple realities. 

While Doctor Strange and America Chavez were walking throughout New York City, they came across a food stall vendor. They were in an alternate universe and then there was the entire scene with Bruce Campbell. 

The scene was about a simple misunderstanding between the stall vendor and Doctor Strange. For that, Steve enchanted the vendor to keep hitting himself, and then he and America left on their quest. 

According to the latest interview, Bruce Campbell said that he was surprised to see his cameo actually make in the final movie. He was not so sure about being in the movie after final cuts and editing. 

Other Cameo Roles by Bruce Campbell

Moreover, he also shared that there were continuous updates in the story of Doctor Strange 2 film. That was one of the reasons why there were many re-shoots and that is why he wasn’t so sure about his role actually being made in the final movie. 

Hence being constantly getting updates on the storyline of the movie and getting new stuff and scenes to shoot was quite unexpected. But still, even after all such things and obstacles, his cameo scene actually made in the movie. 

Friends with the Director Raimi

Bruce Campbell and the director Raimi have been working together for such a long time, this was not their first time working together. When Doctor Strange Part 2 was renewed, he tweeted about his possible cameo in the movie. And then, fans started to wonder about the possible role that he might be playing. 

Both of these are currently working on another joint venture i.e. Evil Dead Rise. They are the executive producers and it will be released on HBO Max later this year. Evil Dead: The Game also contains Campbell’s role of ash, and he has played it brilliantly.