Xbox Series X will have a global launch: Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox division at Microsoft, says the launch of the Xbox Series X will be around the world at the same time.

James Martin/CNET

The Xbox Series X It will reach all corners of the world at the same time, at least that is what the Xbox boss at Microsoft intends.

“I must say that after having experienced the launch of the Xbox One, I know that the significant delays by region hurt us,” said Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at Microsoft during an interview with the IGN outlet. “We are hurt by fan sentiment and every time I go to Japan I remember what the nine-month delay in the launch of the Xbox One was.”

Spencer said during the interview that he expects the launch to be global and reach all markets at the same time. In addition, the executive mentioned that Microsoft does not have a “Plan B” in case the pandemic of COVID-19 the tentative date of sale is extended and affects, at the time of festivities at the end of the year.

The Xbox Series X will come from the hand of Halo Infinite, a game that is apparently still in development and will be ready for sale, according to Spencer. The games Wasteland 3 and Minecraft Dungeons, both developed by Microsoft, have already been delayed due to the pandemic.

Microsoft will reveal more details about the Xbox Series X, such as a possible exact sale date and price, at an event this summer. The company will hold its own event, which will be broadcast via streaming, ante la cancellation of the annual E3 event.

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