VIDEO. Livia Brito puts her face up and exposes her version of the altercation with a photographer in Cancun

Actress Livia Brito finally turned her face and explained, in a video that she uploaded to her social network, about the altercation she had with a photographer on the beaches of Cancun, when he tried to photograph her.
“I apologize to the media, to my followers and to all those who have felt directly or indirectly offended.

“I am very sorry and deeply sorry for my recent behavior,” Brito said in the clip.

In early July, photographer Ernesto Zepeda claimed that Livia and her boyfriend, Mariano Martínez, attacked him when they realized he was photographing them.

“Livia immediately came to yell at me, ‘I’m sick of you looking for me,’ and the first thing she did was slap me. As soon as I turn, his gallant arrives and hits me on the cheekbone, in that she gives the camera to him and he takes the camera and hits me with the camera on the head. She stole my backpack, my camera, she stole my wallet, ”Zepeda told a television program.

Description that, according to the actress, does not correspond, because it explains that she first spoke with him and even asked him to delete them on several occasions.

“When I found a refusal and the argument that my private life was also a public figure, there was a discussion and I reacted impulsively with a slap,” said the Cuban, who was sued for theft and injuries.

Brito also denied that he said he was “fed up with the Mexicans”, in a fit of fury, as Zepeda assured.

Livia Brito

“My feelings towards Mexico and what I consider my people is deeply grateful, they are part of my identity and that of my family. I owe them my entire career.

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“I only have words of gratitude for my country, because I consider it so, I have been in it for more than 20 years, here I grew up, here I studied, here I grew up and I feel Mexican,” he added.

In another video that the actress shared, her lawyer Roberto Carlos Morales, assured that what the photographer stated differed with what was established in the investigation file.
The photographer’s objects were located, he added, and can be claimed at any time.


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