The Owl house season 2 Episode 9

The Owl house season 2 Episode 9

With its second season, 8 episodes were released in June 2021 where the eighth episode ended with the character Hooty taking center attraction. In the last episode, Hooty writes a letter to Lilith which mentions how it helps Hooty when it ends in Owl House.

Hooty found that the king has a demon which is causing real trouble for him.

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Both Hooty friends are confused about their state, Eda got a curse which makes her go dizzy on the brain and Luz who got stuck about the thoughts of Amity. These problems are taken care of by Hooty and he tries to resolve them.

Hoody with his anger has become the plus in a situation where the king gets a solution out of it. Putting her friend Ela in sleep solves her problem from her past and finds how the curse affected the relationship.

About Episode 9

The Ninth episode is almost about her father and Raine, Eda ultimately agrees to help with her swear as she is taking off to open a new wolf-like form. Hooty is moving to see her tries getting wasted as both of them are going to be furious with him so he will agree to help out Luz.


When the series started off, it has limited audiences but over the duration of running, the show has organized to increase attached fans who binge-watch the series, the show is fresh and  incredible in a way, it is light-hearted and the conspiracy is enormous, the tales which the producers come up with every episode are truly fascinating and incredible.

People are staying for the new episode and it seems like viewers are pretty anxious to find out what is going to happen in the new episode.

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