The best Chromebooks of 2020

Google’s Chrome operating system stands out when it comes to basic functions. So it’s worth considering a Chromebook laptop for both work and home, as they’re great for watching movies, listening to music, having fun with Chromebook games, and surfing the web. Because Chrome is a browser-based operating system, it naturally suits cloud-based services, so prevalent in modern working life. And even more so if you are already immersed in the Google ecosystem, which goes from applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Play and Google Docs, up to the phone Pixel or any of your smart home devices.

Chrome’s benefits go beyond its integration with all Google products. Chrome is also free (insofar as everything that is online is free) and very easy to use. An Apple laptop, with the elegant MacOS operating system, is considerably more expensive than an average Chromebook laptop. And while an entry-level Dell or HP laptop may cost you only a few hundred dollars, it’s likely that you will depend on an outdated version of the Windows operating system to use it.

However, even the best Chromebooks have limits. You can’t install Photoshop, Steam, or any other Windows- or Mac-dependent app. If you’re using a technical app to work, you probably need a Mac or Windows computer, and buying a Chromebook laptop might not be a good idea. Similarly, if you are a college student Using specialized programs or non-web-based software for your exams, not even the best Chromebook laptop out there could suit you. Also, its integrated storage may be insufficient.

On the other hand, all Chromebook models are effectively free of malicious programs or malware (there is not much operating system to infect), making them perfect for environments where multiple users share the same laptop. Just log in with your Gmail address and you’re done.

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The list below includes the best Chromebooks we’ve evaluated and is regularly updated as we evaluate new products. Each Chromebook has been independently selected by our editors. Please note that we do our best to ensure that prices are accurate at the time of publication, but there could be disparities for reasons beyond our control.

If you’re looking for the best Chromebook with a large screen, the HP Chromebook 15 is an affordable model that offers a 15.6-inch IPS technology touchscreen. In addition to the large size of its display, it provides many hours of operation thanks to its excellent battery life, loud speakers, a backlit keyboard (which includes a numeric keypad and a Clear or Delete key) and plenty of power for all functions. basic. That said, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo also sell Chromebook laptops with 15-inch screens and roughly the same price range, which are worth checking out. But ultimately, we prefer the premium look of the HP model, which complements its large screen. In addition, the screen size makes this Chromebook a good choice for anyone who wants to do a Netflix marathon when they are not working.

Lenovo’s Yoga Chromebook C630 further expands the limits of what you can expect from the best Chromebook. Its standout feature is a great 15.6-inch convertible 4K display, but it also provides many hours of battery life, solid components, and a sleek, rugged aluminum case. And like most Chromebooks, it costs hundreds of dollars less than a similar model configured with the Windows system. In addition, its large screen makes it a good option for those who like to watch Netflix in their spare time.

The HP Chromebook x2 is a great laptop with a large detachable touchscreen, a comfortable keyboard for typing, and surprisingly snappy performance. And it works quite well as a standalone tablet: it’s thin and light, with a touch-responsive display and a digital pen, and capable of perceiving orientation. For a lightweight Chromebook, its battery life is respectable. Also, and this is something very important when it comes to choosing a Chromebook that suits your needs, it comes with a digital pen and keyboard included, at a time when many hybrid computers premium They insist that you buy them separately. The touchpad of this model is also quite good.

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More than a Chromebook premium Average, the 714 has a military-grade durability aluminum casing that allows it to withstand drops of up to 48 inches (122 cm) and downward force of up to 132 pounds (60 kg), making it ideal for people who are not They tend to be very careful with their equipment. It is also Citrix Ready certified, which means it works with Citrix business solutions, including Citrix Receiver and XenApp and XenDesktop applications. In addition, it is the first Chromebook with a fingerprint reader, which makes it very easy to change users.

In January, Asus announced the Flip C434 model, which replaced the Chromebook C302, a cutting-edge success that has long been one of the top-selling best-selling models in Amazon’s two-in-one category (currently no longer featured in the list). Priced at around $ 540, the Asus C434 has a burnished aluminum design, a 14-inch high-resolution screen and twice as much RAM and storage as its predecessor, plus more powerful Intel processor options.

Pixelbook, Google’s own model, has been discontinued, although you can still find new and renovated models online. However, the Pixelbook Go, a recent model, unveiled in October, is still available, and while we don’t really believe it has brought any great innovations to its category, it has plenty of reason to recommend it. It is very well done, it has an impressive keyboard and offers extraordinary battery life.


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