Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing For RRB Group D Exam

Each year Railway Recruitment Board(RRB) conducts RRB Group D exams for recruitment. It is of qualified candidates for the post of Assistant pointsman, Track maintenance staff, and more. Due to the increased level of competition, securing a government job has become more difficult than ever.

There is no room for errors while preparing for any government exam. Such as RRB Group D. A lack of preparation or a common mistake can cost you a chance of bagging a government job.

It is sure that each and every candidate is currently trying to get a govt job. That is because of job security as well as a higher pay-scale. Most people surely do not know about so many mistakes that they do. While candidates are studying for competitive examinations, there are so many things to take care of. We are going to inform you all about the most common mistakes in this article.

On that note, let’s talk about some of the many common mistakes. Candidates need to avoid them while preparing for the RRB Group D exam. It is to ensure a successful performance.

●    Improper Management of Time

Candidates must allocate an appropriate amount of time to different subjects. It is to secure a great overall score. It is imperative to recognize your weaknesses or the areas where you are not able to perform well. So you must spend extra time on them.

Studying daily for a minimum of 3-4 hours is more than enough. That is to ace the Computer Based Test of RRB Group D. But you need to make sure that the time you are devoting daily is being utilized in the best way.

Furthermore, wake up early and utilize the early morning hours to study theoretical subjects. Such as General Science/Awareness and Current Affairs. Because our mind is generally most active in the early morning hours of the day. Apart from this, the proper time should be given for revision and attempting regular online mock tests.

●    Not Attempting Regular Online Mock Test

Giving regular mock tests or practice tests is key for improving your speed and accuracy. Attempting online mock tests and analysis of your performance summary can help you track your progress. And, it can give you the knowledge of the mistake committed and weak areas. So you must work on to improve your performance.

●    Lack of Discipline and Consistency

This is one of the most common, yet significant mistakes. The common mistakes that candidates preparing for any exams commit. They plan their study timetable, buy the best books, and study material. Also, they enroll themselves in coaching classes with utmost seriousness. But soon most of them lose the mental callousness and will to consistently wake up. They do not follow the same routine every day and continue their preparation onwards.

Though these irregularities in studies can also occur due to personal reasons, candidates need to find ways to keep their grind going. Even when they are not motivated or while they are dealing with any personal issues.

●    Losing Grip of Basic Concepts

One thing that candidates are always worried about is whether they will be able to cover the whole syllabus within the time frame they have for preparation. This fear keeps them driven and determined to finish one chapter after another and keeps them moving.

However, with less time to revise, they tend to forget some fundamental concepts and facts that they studied in previous chapters. This might affect their future learning, as the fundamental concepts of previously studied chapters might form the premise of some concepts in the chapters they are about to study. Therefore, it is advised to revise and revisit these concepts again and again to get a decent grip on them.

Almost all competitive exams such as RRB Group D are designed to test the candidates’ understanding and knowledge of fundamental concepts. So having a clear understanding and thorough revision of these concepts is important for success in the exam.

●    Incomplete Knowledge of Examination Pattern and Syllabus

Designing a preparation strategy or a study plan is key for effective exam preparation. Though candidates commit a classic mistake of not examining the exam pattern and syllabus properly before planning their preparation strategy. This results in candidates wasting their precious time on topics or chapters that carry the least weightage or on topics that might not be even included in the RRB Group D Syllabus.

Also, without proper knowledge of the exam pattern, a candidate won’t be able to prepare effectively. This can result in a candidate’s failure in the exam. Exam pattern includes some necessary details such as a number of stages in the selection process, different sections in the Computer-based test, the overall number of questions, time limit, marking scheme, and more.

Candidates must stick to the official exam pattern and prescribed syllabus released by RRB for designing an efficient and effective study plan and in devising a strategy of how they would attempt the exam.

●    Not Solving Previous Year Question Papers

Another common mistake that candidates commit is not solving previous year’s question papers. This restricts them from getting knowledge of the past trends in the pattern and weightage of questions belonging to different topics in each section.

This could help them in planning a strategy for attempting on how they should attempt the exam and what topics they should pay more attention to. Furthermore, taking a look at the previous RRB Group D result can help you get an idea of the expected cut off this year.