Miter joins Ely Guerra to take you to ‘Infinity’

We still remember the day we interviewed him live, when we had our offices in Downtown Los Angeles and he had just released an album as a solo artist in full ‘indie’ style that caused quite a stir.

After that, Miter’s project (created around the vocalist and guitarist from the capital Luis Miter) became a duo to give life to a second production, “El Callejón del Beso”, which further opened its horizons and scope, as It demonstrates the new theme that has just been released in conjunction with one of the most beloved and respected artists on the independent Mexican scene.

And it is that, in “Infinito”, the now group shares the interpretative credits with Ely Guerra, whom we have not seen much in these parts in recent times, but who continues to be an essential figure of quality Latin American rock, and whose inspired intonation gives the brand new single a very special character.

Musically, “Infinito” is a simple but heartfelt piece that points to the side of acoustic folklore without being slow or not very energetic; and it also comes decked out by melodies and voice games that really attract attention.

The composition has been presented by a video clip recorded in full quarantine, which made it be done using cell phones and a vertical format, but it did not prevent it from calling more than 50 people, the same ones who recorded their parts in different parts of the world, carrying signs with messages of optimism for the particularly difficult times we live in.

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“Infinity” has been announced as the first single from a forthcoming Miter album that has no release date set yet, but as things stand, it holds great promise.


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