Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Defense Production Ecosystem

Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Defense Production Ecosystem

To make India is a developed nation, India has to increase its exports and reduce its imports. India’s forex reserve is improving every day. But according to reports of government, the exports of India are not growing. That means the forex reserve that is increasing in India day by day is something other income of India.

However, Indian’s are the first rank to take remittance in his nation. To increase the exports of India, you should improve the manufacturing sector of India. The manufacturing industry will grow the manufacturing procedure in India. The more thing that is manufactured in India, they can export from India.

India has a high population; therefore, India needs a high amount of resources. India has to increase production to meet their need, and they have to export the things. In today’s world, India can not manufacture their needs. To export production is the second thing. The first thing is that India should have to produce and manufacture its own market only.

Today, India should become capable of produced needs and more than needs. Due to the high amount of requirements of the nation, the nation is not competent to deliver its needs. To export manufacturing things is an essential factor in every nation’s economy. The export will strengthen the economy of the country. Due to export, the nation’s currency will also become a strength.

The government is also giving efforts to the export sector of India. The government makes the terms and conditions for export business easier. So that the businessman can easily export their product, and they can earn more. Every sector in India needs its exports more. The government will also help every industry to increase its export.

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Every industry includes the defense sector, agriculture sector, manufacturing sector, etc. Today, In this article, we will get the information about the export sector of India and the scheme that is launched by the Indian government to improve the defense exports and manufacturing in India.

About Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The Indian government has launched a 20 lakh crore relief package program under Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. Under this Abhiyan, the government makes an aim to make India self-reliant. They can encourage many people to make an application to that scheme.

We will talk about one of these schemes named Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti of the manufacturing sector. The Raksha Gyan Shakti mission is launched for the procurement of intellectual property rights of the defense production ecosystem.

This mission is a part of Aatmna Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The task is made by the government to make the defense sector of India self-reliant. Self-reliance means that the defense sector of India can produce defense weapons without the use of any export technology.

The row material that is used by the defense sector manufacturing plant is also used in made in India. The mission is only that business who are manufacturing the different parts of the defense ecosystem.

Effects of This Mission:

Every manufacturing company has its own intellectual right to avoid the copyright of that thing. This mission will help them to reserve their intellectual right toward that thing. The mission will helpful for those companies which making different parts of the defense ecosystem to secure their property right and avoid copyright.

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The central government has launched the mission Raksha Gyan Shakti to improve, encourage the intellectual property right for self-reliance in the defense sector of India. Due to reserve in intellectual property rights (IPR), the innovation sector will also be developed. As innovation increases, the research and development in the nation will also increase.

The improvement in research and development of the nation will lead you into more foreign investment in the country. As the Indian scientists will research more and many foreign companies will attract that research and give them financial support to do more research in that field. This way, we can increase the foreign investment in our nation by an increase in research and development hub.

Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh has launched this mission to give encouragement to the intellectual property right in the defense sector of India. They gave a message to the nation that India will become self-reliant in the defense sector and boost its innovation through this mission.

This mission will also boost up the MSMEs of the nation. The mission is a training based mission. Under this mission, more than 10,000 people of defense public sector undertakings in FY2020.

Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti by Central Govt.

This mission is launched by the central government to provide and to create some change in the nation. We will give you approx information about the mission. The government has made one aim behind this mission is to make India self-reliant in the defense sector and become capable in front of china. The main ambition of this mission is to protect the intellectual property rights of the defense company.

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There is also some other reason for launching this mission. When the government is making any scheme or any mission, there must be one reason behind them is to make India capable and to develop the nation. Although, the Indian government expecting something new from this mission. We will know what the government will expect from this mission.

What to make available under this mission:

  • Consciousness about the intellectual rights of the defense sector.
  • The registration, protection, and advisory for intellectual rights
  • How to do filing of intellectual rights and other related services.

What to create under this mission:

  • To give the basement to the defense public sector undertakings and other defense-related factories.
  • A panel will be created under this mission to make the controversial decision of intellectual property rights.
  • A news portal for the latest updates and new innovation in the IP sector.

Under this mission, the government will choose 24 officers to make a controversial decision. That means if any controversy is created between two or more companies, then a panel will be made by the central government to solve the problem, and they can solve the problem very quickly.