Michael Keaton On Why He Made a Decision to Come Back To TV with Hulu’s Dopesick


Michael Keaton On Why He Made a Decision to Come Back To TV with Hulu’s Dopesick

Recently, it was announced that Michael Keaton would come back to the television with Hulu’s Dopesick. Michael Keaton said that this was really about something.


He also said that any time you get the opportunity to bring awareness to something that matters, that is the good thing.

But the essential subject matter was not the reason Michael Keaton came back to television. Michael Keaton said that the writing was really good.

And he had read many things, and there is much good stuff on tv; it is kind of ridiculous. It is not like people have not offered him things before. But there was nothing he really wanted to do, or he was too busy.

This one was better than most. He also added that working with both director Barry Levinson and creator Danny Strong helped sweeten the deal, music to ears of Strong.

Dopesick is an American drama miniseries. Michale Keaton appears as Dr. Samuel Finnix in the series Dopesick.

The series Dopesick takes viewers to the epicenter of the struggle of America with opioid addiction, from the boardrooms of Purdue Pharma to a distressed Virginia mining community to the DEA’s hallways.

The series Dopesick was created by Danny Strong. The series Dopesick stars Michael Keaton, Will Poulter, and Peter Sarsgaard.

The series Dopesick is based on a non-fiction book titled Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America by Beth Macy. The series Dopesick was written by Danny Strong and directed by Barry Levinson.

The series Dopesick was executively produced by Danny Strong, Michael Keaton, John Goldwyn, Warren Littlefield, Beth Macy, Karen Rosenfelt, and Barry Levinson.

The running time of each episode of the series Dopesick varies from 57 to 62 minutes. The series Dopesick was made under 20th Television, The Littlefield Company, and John Goldwyn Productions.

The first season of the series Dopesick includes a total of eight episodes titled First Bottle, Breakthrough Pain, and The 5th Vital Sign.

The series Dopesick focuses on the epicenter of the struggle of America with Opioid addiction across the United States.

The filming of the series Dopesick was started in December 2020 in Richmond, Virginia, and Clifton Forge, Virginia.

The first three episodes of the series Dopesick were released on 13th October 2021. The series Dopesick is currently airing on Hulu.

The series Dopesick is receiving a very positive response from the audience. It has received 8.9 out of 10 on IMDb.

In the recently released episode titled The 5th Vital Sign of series Dopesick titled The 5th Vital Sign, we have seen that Doctor Finnix starts to take Betsy off OxyContin, Bridge sees the toll it is taking on communities, as well as Randy and Rick investigate the world of pain societies and also with sales climbing, Richard Sackler makes bigger plans for his new drug.

The series Dopesick is full of drama. Let’s see what happens next. If we get any other update about the series Dopesick, we will add it here.


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