Messages is renewed with iOS 14 to resemble WhatsApp

Apple announced iOS 14 on Monday June 22 in its WWDC 2020 and, with the presentation of this new version of the operating system, also came news in some of its native applications such as Messages.

One of the first innovations is the possibility of anchoring your most important conversations as other messaging applications like Telegram or WhatsApp allow. In this way, the chosen conversations will be shown at the beginning of the entire chat list, regardless of when you received the last message so that you can access it quickly.

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On the other hand, group chats also add several new features, one of which is the possibility of replying to specific comments by clicking on it and directing messages to a specific person mentioning them within the group. You can also put photos to the groups.

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The last of the news falls on the Memojis, the animated avatars of the Apple operating system. If before you could make your own and customize them with different styles, now you can put a mask on it, an element that has already become almost a symbol of the ongoing pandemic. In addition, Apple also added more age options and you can share a virtual hug, a fist bump, or blush.

iOS 14 will begin its availability process with a beta version for developers and later it will arrive in a public beta for those interested. Apple did not give the specific date, but the official and global launch for iOS 14 will be in the fall. You can read all the news of the operating system in our roundup.The biggest news in the tech industry, every day.

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