Madisynn and Wong’s Post-Credit Scene from She-Hulk was not in the Script!

Madisynn and Wong’s Post-Credit Scene from She-Hulk was not in the Script!

Fans who recently watched She-Hulk’s post-credit scene, have gone absolutely crazy! And they are loving the amazing chemistry between Wongers and Madisynn. Have you already watched the epic episode with such an amazingly brewing friendship between the two most unexpected characters? If not, what are you waiting for? 

She-Hulk Episode 4

The most recent episode of She-Hulk titled “Is This Not Real Magic?” showed some of the most spectacular scenes. And fans are going absolutely crazy over this new friendship. The scene is between Benedict Wong and Patty Guggenheim. 

Madisynn is seen through the sling-ring portal and that leads her to Wong. She then quickly becomes “besties” with Wong who was binge-watching The Sopranos. They then had the popcorn and enjoyed the binge-watching as well as a lot of chatting. They talked about their favorite drinks and what drinks they will never have. While having this conversation, she calls Wong as “Wongers” and that has now become his name amongst fans. 

The Scene was Not Scripted

At first, it looked like a normal scene between two characters. But when fans and everyone else got to know about the epic scene being “Not Scripted” everyone was absolutely shocked! Fans have been loving this brand new friendship between the two most opposite people. It was the director Kat Coiro who thought of putting on the cameras when both of them were having a conversation. Because she thought they were hilarious and eventually the scene happened, that too without script! 

Fans are loving the Unscripted Scene!

The post-credit scene between the Sorcerer Supreme Wong and Madisynn – “With a Y but not where you think it is” has become a legendary scene. It is mainly because of such great chemistry between them. And the chemistry that wasn’t even in the script. There has been no news about Madisynn’s further scenes but one thing is sure, fans are absolutely loving the newly-bonded friendship between the duo.