Criminal Minds: Evolution Releases Latest Photos for Upcoming Reboot

Criminal Minds: Evolution Releases Latest Photos for Upcoming Reboot

Paramount+ is reviving much awaited Criminal Minds reboot and now fans are eager to watch the upcoming series. Earlier, fans were under impression that their favorite series Criminal Minds may not go on getting a renewal. But now finally their much-awaited series is back! 

Previous CBS Series: Now on Paramount+

The series Criminal Minds happen to be originally from CBS. But after they decided to end the series, after a long time – Now Paramount+ is reviving the series with a reboot. CBS ended the show after its 324th episode and the last episode aired in February 2020. It has been such a long time since the last season, that fans can’t keep calm any longer. So from now onwards the series will premiere on their official platform. 

A Popular Series

As we all know, how such series with FBI and crime backgrounds go –  we all love them. Fans love to have such shows and when they are getting multiple seasons, what else they would want? After the huge success of the Criminal Minds series, it was followed by Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, Criminal Minds: Beyond Border, etc. Also, there was Criminal Minds, a South Korean adaptation of the show. 

Makers of Criminal Minds

The original team of makers will be overlooking how the upcoming revival series of Criminal Minds goes. The showrunner as well as Executive Producer Erica Messer will be there. Along with her, there will be Breen Frazier and Chris Barbour. They are writers as well as executive producers of the show. They have been working since the very beginning and are now continuing their work even with the reboot.