Madelaine Petsch will be playing the lead role in Cult Horror: The Strangers

Madelaine Petsch will be playing the lead role in Cult Horror: The Strangers

Since the release of the popular Netflix teen-drama series Riverdale, the leading cast members have been quite popular. One of the top cast of Riverdale is Madelaine Petsch who just got a lead role in an upcoming cult horror film. The film will be the remake of the original movie. 

The Strangers:

The storyline of the upcoming movie is about a couple, played by Madelaine Petsch and Froy Gutierrez. They are going to start their new life and as they start driving, they come across many new places. On the road, their car breaks down and they are forced to spend their night at an Airbnb. They are tortured throughout the night until the very morning by masked strangers. Hence the title of the movie, The Strangers. 

Seeing such a horror movie, that too a remake of the old one would be quite amazing. Also when you have such an amazing star cast playing lead roles, there is nothing else one can ask for. Fans who have been waiting to see Madelaine in different roles, they are getting exactly what they wanted! 

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Who is Madelaine Petsch?

Since 2014, she has been working on various shows and has also been seen as a guest star. Then she got the F*** the Prom in 2017, gaining her another role in a Netflix series. She has been playing the iconic character Cheryl “Red” Blossom in the series and since that, she has received fans-love from many countries. There are a few more seasons of the show, releasing soon. She has been working hard for a long time and is finally getting much-awaited fame! 

Popularity Since Riverdale

Her role as Cheryl Blossom being such a classy girl in high school earned her a great amount of fame from across the globe. Soon her character was seen turning into a bi-sexual person and that gained her even more popularity in the LGBTQ+ community. Being such a popular show on Netflix, other leading cast members of the show have also gained huge popularity and love from fans. 

The Strangers Trailer Release

For now, the movie cast and the storyline have been finalized, and there is no filming schedule for the same. Hence the makers have not yet declared any official trailer for the movie. Fans need to wait a bit until they can see Madelaine in the upcoming film. 

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