Kundali Bhagya 14 May Preeta Comes To Know About Megha’s Pregnancy – Latest Update

Kundali Bhagya 14 May Preeta Comes To Know About Megha’s Pregnancy – Latest Update

In the previous episode of the Kundali Bhagya, we have seen that Preeta goes to the police station to meet Karan and give him dinner.

In the police station and jail, they have some quality time in the jail. Now in today’s episode of the serial Kundli Bhagya, we have seen that Karan in the jail is irritating Preeta in front of the lady constable.

Kundali Bhagya New Episode

That lady constable asks Preeta to leave the police station. At that time only, Srishti and Sameer both arrived at the police station to meet Karan.

When Srishti and Sameer have arrived at the p[Police station, Preeta and Karan are talking with each other. Shrishti and Samar both also talk about the role of Megha in the murder of Akshay.

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Srishti talks about Ruchita’s confession to Karn in jail. At the time when Srishti is talking about Ruchita’s confession on Akshay’s murder, Samar overlooks the Srishti.

At that time, Preeta thinks that she will talk about her and Karan’s love for the family. She will try to convince their family for the marriage of Karan and Preeta.

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Also, Preeta tells Srishti and Sameer to meet Karan again in the police station. Preeta wants to meet Karan after few hours in the police station.

After the police station, Preeta goes to the hospital to collect the reports of the Mahesh. Meantime, Mahesh and Rakhi are both in their old house.

They remember their old memories with their old house. They both talking to each other lovely.