Kisan Rath Mobile App: Download Kisan Rath Mobile App, Online Registration

Kisan Rath Mobile App: Download Kisan Rath Mobile App, Online Registration

The farmer of the nation is called the food giver. The importance of the farmer is very high. The government can not ignore the agriculture sector of the country. However, the agriculture sector gives the maximum number of products as the increase in production will lead to a rise in manufacturing.

However, due to the CORONA crisis, the GDP of the nation is in the lowest situation. The growth f the country is in minus condition. In this critical situation, the government has announced an Abhiyan named Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

Through this Abhiyan, the government has released almost 20 lakh crore rupee relief for the citizen of India who is deadly affected due to the CORONA virus. The majorly affected people include the farmers of the nation.

However, we all know that the situation of farmers in India is not that good. The government has set the target to double the income of the farmer by 2022. To

About Kishan Rath Mobile App:

As a part of doubling the farmer income, our agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar has launched a portal named Kishan Rath. This app will benefit all the farmers of the country. This app will help the farmer to sell their products. Due to lockdown conditions in the nation, the farmer can not sell their product in the market.

However, the market remains closed during the lockdown. The crop of the farmer has remained unused during the lockdown. So after unlocking, the government launched an app named Kisha Rath to help the farmer to take their crop from one place to another place so that they can sell their produce wherever they wanted to do the same.

Farmers can sell their products from their homes. The government provides the facilities to the farmer to sell their product in an online way. To provide the online platform to the farmer, the government has launched an online platform name Kishan rath.

On this application, the farmer can sell their product. With the help of this app, one can easily buy and sell their crop on the portal with any person they want. They also cal sell their product and start the cultivation of rabi crops.

Kishan Rath Mobile App download:

If any farmer wants to take advantage of this app, then they have to download this app from the play store mobile. The farmer has to open their mobile and click on the play store of the mobile application. On the play store, they have to search the name of the application that is Kishan Rath.

On the application, Kishan will come to know about the timing of the truck, truck arriving, and take-off timing of truck. The farmer can also know the name of the place at which the truck will come so that the farmer can sell their fruit, vegetables, and grains at predefined time and place.

With the help of this process, the farmer will increase their income, and it will give direct benefits to the government to achieve their goal by 2022.

How to apply for this app on your mobile?

After downloading the application Kishan Rath on your mobile, you have to open that app. If any farmer wanted to take advantage of the app, then they have to register themselves on the app. For the registration purpose, the farmer has to download and install this app on their mobile.

  • When you open the Kishan Rath mobile app, the home page of the app will open on your mobile screen. You have to select your language. You have to choose the language from the portal.
  • Then you have to click on the farmer option and then log in to the Kishan rath app.
  • If you have to register on the app, then you have first to register yourself on the app.
  • For the registration purpose, you have to fill the registration form in an online mode. You have to enter all the information for the registration.
  • After registration, you can use this app.