Kerala Widow Pension Scheme 2021 Application Form / Eligibility Criteria / Details

Kerala Widow Pension Scheme 2021 Application Form / Eligibility Criteria / Details

Kerala government has launched a scheme related to the women of the society. We all know that the literacy of Kerala is the highest in India. The women are equally educated as men. The government is thinking for the women whose husband is dead. That woman is commonly called a widow.

The women whose husband is no more have the problems for survival. If the women are doing their job, then it is no worry about their financial situation. But if the women were dependent on their husbands then they will have many problems after her husband died.

The government of Kerala is surely thinking about those women who are facing financial hardship due to their husband’s death. The government has launched a scheme for the betterment of the widow.

It is sure that there are so many widow women who will be getting the benefit of the scheme. There are several benefits along with a great amount of financial aid that the state government offers to the widow.

Also, it will be now possible for any widow to not depend on others for money. They can be able to live a happy as well as healthy life with the help of the new government scheme of Kerala.

Therefore the widow women of the Kerala state will get the pension. The name of the scheme is Kerala Widow Pension Scheme 2021. We will share with you all the information about the widow scheme.

About Kerala government widow Pension scheme 2021:

In the Kerala state, the government has launched a scheme for the widow of the state. The government will give the pension to the widow. To get the advantage of the scheme, the women have to fill the application form for the scheme.

The woman whose husband is dead can apply in this scheme. The Kerala government has launched this scheme as the Indira Gandhi national widow pension scheme.

If any woman has an interest in the scheme, then they have to download the application form from the official website of the scheme. The application form of the pension scheme will be available on the website in PDF format.

The download option is available on the application form. Through this scheme, the government of Kerala will give the pension amount of Rs.1400 per month to the women.

Process of the application form download of the Kerala widow pension scheme:

  • First, women have to decide to take advantage of this scheme. To know more about the scheme, you can read this full article to get the complete information about the scheme.
  • As you decide to take advantage of the scheme, then you have to take a visit to the scheme. The scheme detailed that is published by the government of Kerala is on the official website of the scheme. The link to the website is
  • You have to click on the link to the website. There are many tabs available on the home page of the website. The first page of the site is popularly named as the home page of the site. You have to select the tab called ‘pension online’ tab on the homepage.
  • When you click on the Pension online tab, then a new web page is available on the display of the PC. the applicant should have to go to the download option on the new tab of the site.
  • Under the download option, the application forms option will be available. As you have open this site to fill the application form, you have to click on the application form tab.
  • When you click on the application form, the two application form is available for the applicant. The language of the one application form will be in Malayam, and other languages of the application form will be in English. You can fill the application form in both languages, whatever you want.
  • The direct link to the Malayam application form is The direct link for the English application form is
  • When you open the page of the site, you have t click on the Indira Gandhi national pension scheme link.
  • You can download and fill in the various information in the application form. The applicant should give the required details on the application form. The candidates must provide accurate and valid details in the application form.