Jason Momoa Interview Shuts Down After ‘Icky’ Game of Thrones Question

Jason Momoa Interview Shuts Down After 'Icky' Game of Thrones Question

Jason Momoa Interview Shuts Down After ‘Icky’ Game of Thrones Question

A recent interview with Jason Momoa shuts down after the actor takes umbrage with a question about the series Game of Thrones.

Jason Momoa has played the role of Khal Drago in the series Game of Thrones. Recently, Jason Momoa was asked by The New York Times that if he had any regret about Game of Thrones scenes.

There are sexually violent scenes in the series Jason Momoa. After the question, Jason Momoa was happy to answer the question, and he said that, well, it was necessary to depict Drogo and his style.

You are playing someone that is like Genghis Khan. It was a hard thing to do. But his job was to play like that, and also, it is not a nice thing, but it is what that character was.

He also said that he had never been questioned about, like, do you regret playing a role? We will try to put it this way like, He already did it and try to not doing it again.

After this conversation between Jason Momoa and the interviewer, Jason Momoa seemed clearly rattled and tries to close himself off from the interviewer.

Later, he only has short and cold answers, and it results at the end of the conversation. After that, he was asked that if he can articulate his vision for the entire totality of the Aquaman franchise; after that, Jason Momoa said No.

After that, Jason Momoa was asked about his time spent travelling the world in the 1990s and later whether he had a specific memory of his adventures.

Jason Momoa replied, not really for you, or for the world. But later, it seemed that Jason Momoa still had that Game of Thrones question on his mind.

After that, Jason Momoa said that he wanted to bring something up, and there is a bad feeling in his stomach, and he was bummed when he asked him that. It feels icky – trying to put him up in order to remove something.

Later, Jason Momoa was not in the mood and shut down the interview because he was not happy with the question asked by the interview. If we get any other update about it, we will add it here.

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