Sister Wives: Christine Brown is Selling Her House – Maybe She is Leaving Kody

Sister Wives: Christine Brown is Selling Her House - Maybe She is Leaving Kody

Sister Wives: Christine Brown is Selling Her House – Maybe She is Leaving Kody

The fans of Sister Wives already know that the things between Kody Brown and Christine Brown. Something wrong is happening between them.

During the show, she said about her feelings, and after that, she reveals that she can not marry Kody anymore. So, we can say that something has happened between them.

And just because of that, Christine Brown is not ready to marry Kody. Later, she also said that she feels like she does not matter to him.

All fans are trying to urge her to leave him, but it has not happened yet. There are many reasons that the two have split. In the recent photo, she is not wearing her wedding ring.

Some fans of Sister Wives have predicted that Christine Brown is selling her home because they have seen the pictures of the house on a real estate website.

They think that Christine Brown has put her home up for sale. She wants to sell her Arizona house. So, the main question is what will be the future of her in the Brown family.

Christine became the third wife of Kody in 1994 when she was 24 years old. But she never legally married Kody. Christine comes from a polygamist family, and this is not legal everywhere.

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She already knew that she was getting into it before say yes to marry Kody. Recently, Christine shared the difficulties that she has experienced in her 40’s.

She shared that why this decade has been much difficult for her. Later, Christine says that she will go insane after her 40’s.

She said that it was menopause’s symptoms that causing her to feel the wrong way. But after that, Christine finds a doctor that agrees to help her.

Now, the breaking news is Christine is trying to sell her home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Her house appeared on a real estate website named

Currently, Christine lives in a 3BHK home, and it is on about two acres of land. Christine and Kody bought the home in September 2018 for 520000 USD.

Later, Kody transferred the home to her. Now, she is trying to sell the home for 725000 USD. If we get any other update about it, we will add it here.

Christine Brown

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