Is “The Resident Season 6” Going to be the Final Season? Latest Updates and More

Is “The Resident Season 6” Going to be the Final Season? Latest Updates and More

As the release of The Resident Season 6 is just a few days away, everyone is already speculating about the next season. There are rumors about The Resident Season 6 being the final season of the show. Have you heard any such rumors yet? Well, let’s find out what the makers of the show said in a recent interview. 

What does the Co-Creator Think?

The co-creator of the show Amy Holden Jones said that the storyline of the show holds great potential and it could go on and on for many seasons. But ultimately she doesn’t hold the final decision, as it is supposed to be decided by the entire team of makers and more. Reacting to the rumors about The Resident Season 6 being the last season, she said, she personally feels that the creative pulse of the show is still strong. 

A Popular Medical Show

Fans of medical shows must have an entire list of their favorite Medical Shows. If you are a true fan, you must have The Resident on your list. If not, watch it right away. The Resident happens to be the show where young doctors get to know the real world and learn to practice medicine. They are accompanied by senior seasoned resident doctors. 

As of now, the show is originally owned by Disney but is shown by Fox. So that is something unusual. But still, fans are happy about getting their favorite show’s upcoming season. 

The Resident Season 6 Release Date

The upcoming season of The Resident is going to be released by 20th September 2022. Fans can enjoy their favorite show online on Fox Channel, Hulu Plus as well as FuboTV. In some regions, it will also be available on Google Play, Vudu, and Amazing Instant Video. 

The Resident Season 6 Trailer

Fans can stream the trailer for The Resident on YouTube. There are some exciting scenes included in it. An interesting storyline is waiting for fans and there are just a few days till the release of the next season.