Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stars to Reunite for Upcoming Animated Series “Digman” 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stars to Reunite for Upcoming Animated Series “Digman” 

Fans’ favorite couple from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is going to be seen in an upcoming animated series. Are you a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan too? Who was your favorite couple? Well, everyone’s fav is Jake and Amy. And they are going to be seen in another epic adventure!

Jake and Amy Will Reunite!

Jake played by Andy Samberg and Amy played by Melissa Fumero are going to be paired together in one more venture. There is an upcoming animated series called Digman. Both of them have been cast as the lead characters in the show. They have been quite popular in the popular show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Since such a long-running show gave us such a cute couple, fans are absolutely going to love their upcoming animated series. 

Makers of the Digman

The animated series will be written as well as produced by Samberg. The showrunner is Neil Campbell. The official description depicts that the series will be about a world where archeologists are treated as celebrities and the coolest people on planet earth. Andy Samberg will be voicing the lead character Rip Digman. 

Other Cast Members from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Not just Jake and Amy but fans are going to get some more celebrities from their favorite comedy shows and movies. Other cast members include Tim Robinson from I Think You Should Leave. There will be Mitra Jouhri, Dale Soules, Tim Meadows along with Guz Khan giving their voice to various exciting roles.