Is Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 finally announced?

Is Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 finally announced?

If you are into the paranormal genre, you must have encountered the supernatural entity Bigfoot. There have been several movies, shows, and documentaries on this topic. People are still fascinated and intrigued by it and its mysteries.

People’s excitement and curiosity about Bigfoot’s mysteries gave birth to a great and adventurous show called ‘Expedition Bigfoot’, which was first launched on 8th December 2019.

As the name suggests, Expedition Bigfoot is an adventure into the unknown wilderness of the United States of America to search for the mythical creature Bigfoot.

The show, made by Joshua Johnson, stars eminent primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor and three Bigfoot experts, namely Bryce Johnson, Ronny LeBlanc, and Russel Accord.

The show captures the journey of these four hosts as they go deep into the wilderness of the United States of America to uncover the truth behind the Bigfoot and bring out convincing evidence of its existence.

They do so by going into remote areas, exploring caves, going through waterways, and using advanced technologies such as drones and thermal cameras. These means have often eluded many others who have tried.

This, coupled with a great music score and the hosts’ various incidences shot on camera, creates a feeling of fear and mystery that instantly gets the watcher hooked on this show.

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So far, Expedition Bigfoot has had three seasons and a total of 36 episodes, over which the hosts go to various states and regions to uncover the mystery.

The latest Season, i.e., Season-3 was aired on 19th June 2022 and was shot in the state of Washington, USA. One can stream the show on Discovery+.

Over this time, the show has garnered a vast audience waiting for the next Season. However, there has been no announcement or update regarding the release date of the 4th Season.

However, seeing the show’s success, it is safe to assume that the show’s makers will be looking forward to making new seasons of the show. According to numerous rumors, the 4th Season is touted to come by 2023. However, no date or time has been finalized yet.

While the release date is not confirmed, it is established that the new iterations of this series would bring in more guests, stories, and places that will help uncover the mystery of the Bigfoot.