Lucifer’s final season: Will Luci-fans get Season 7

Lucifer Season 7

Lucifer’s final season: Will Luci-fans get Season 7?

Lucifer has been the most well-known fantasy series among Netflix streamers. Lucifer became the most popular series during its 6years run. The series currently has six seasons available on Netflix.

It has attracted thousands of streamers with its urban fantasy concept. Many Luci-fans are earnestly waiting for the news of Season 7.

About Lucifer TV Series

Lucifer is one of the favourite series of many Netflix streamers. Lucifer’s first season aired on 25 January 2016, grabbing the audience’s attention with its fantasy-crime genre, balancing it with little comedy, romance and action.

The series has already reached 83 episodes in five seasons. The sixth season of Lucifer has ten episodes released on 10 September 2021, which makes 93 in total. Lucifer fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement for another season.

Series Cast

Tom Ellis played the role of Lucifer, the show’s protagonist. At the same time, Lauren German portrayed the role of investigator Chloe Decker, and Kevin Alejandro played the detective Dan Espinoza in the series, with D.B. Woodside as the angel Amenadiel.

Scarlett Estevez, Rachael Harris, and Kevin Rankin had minor roles in this series. New cast members were brought into the series as well in subsequent seasons.

Who is Lucifer?

The series is about the Lucifer Morningstar, hell’s dutiful servant Lord of Hell, who came to earth to understand humanity.

Bored with his life, he left his throne for 5years and became a civilian servant for the Los Angeles Police Department. Lucifer and his arrogant, charismatic and goofy personality entertained the audience.

Will there be the return of Season 7?

Lucifer streamers are patiently waiting to see if the show will make a comeback with the seventh season or not. There will be no Season 7 as planned, and Season 6 will be the show’s final instalment.

Netflix announced that the well-known series Lucifer would have season 6 as the show’s final instalment in September 2021. It also states that Netflix planned to produce a film based on the series, but nothing is sure about it.

Fans are disappointed yet still hoping for the release of Season 7 next year on Netflix. Many fans commented on the Instagram post of Tom Ellis when he announced Season 6 as the last season, not ready to say goodbye to the series.

The cast and the crew believe that Season 6 would be the final instalment. They have already delivered a suitable conclusion to the Lucifer fans.