Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana: Free Ration For Non-Ration Card Holders, Apply Online

Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana: Free Ration For Non-Ration Card Holders, Apply Online

The world is fighting with Pandemic. The nations of the world are busy in making the vaccine for the COVID-19 Pandemic. The year 2020 is the worst year for all over the world.

The Indian government has announced an Abhiyan named Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. Through this Abhiyan, the government is trying to make India self-reliant as we all know that the GDP of India is not in a good position.

The government is making many schemes to improve the GDP of India. However, the GDP of India depends upon many aspects that we all know. Here, we will not discuss every element of the economy that will improve the GDP level of India.

Here, we only discuss the schemes of the Gujarat government, which will help the people of India, especially poor people and backward people.

About Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana:

As we know and we have faced a lockdown situation in the country. The government of India has announced the condition in which no one is allowed to go out and to do the business. This situation is called the lockdown situation.

Why this lockdown situation is implemented on the citizens of India is we know correctly. The COVID-19 pandemic forces government to implement the lockdown situation in India so that the infection of COVID-19 can be decreased. However, due to the lockdown situation, many people are profoundly affected.

The affected people majorly include daily earners, vegetable vendors, fruit vendors, etc. The people who are earning every day and run their house through daily income. They do not have any saving income that has affected most.

The government is totally aware of the situation of daily earners. The government has made a scheme for poor people, migrant people, and daily earners. Under this scheme, the Gujarat government will give the food grin to the people. The Gujarat government has introduced a scheme named Anna Brahma Yojana.

The chief minister Vijay rupani, has launched this scheme for the poor peopl and migrant workers of the state. With the helo of this scheme, people should not have to worry about their food.

They can able to get the food grain from the fair price shop of the government. However, from the fair price shop, only those people will get the food grain at the subsidy range who have the ration card with them.

The government also allowed those who have the ration card to get the food grain from the fair price shops. This scheme is beneficial for those migrants who are not the permanent residence of the Gujarat state.

The benefits provided by the government under this scheme:

  • The government will transfer Rs.1000 in the bank account of the migrant.
  • Earlier, the low-income family has to spend Rs.1.50 on the consumption of 30 units of electricity, but now the family can consume 50 units of electricity in Rs.1.50.
  • The government will pay the pension to the widow, elderly, and disabled person in advance of three months.
  • The government will distribute around 30 to 35 crore amount to cowsheds and cattle ponds all over Gujarat.

Eligibility Criteria of the Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana:

  • To take advantage of the scheme, the person should have permanent residence in the state. However, this scheme is for the migrant workers of the state. Only migrant workers can apply for this scheme.
  • However, the migrant workers’ are only eligible for the scheme only if they have proper identity proof and documents.
  • If the person is a migrant worker and could not go to their hometown during lockdown conditions, they will only be eligible for this scheme.
  • To get the advantage fo the scheme, the person has to register themselves in an online mode.

Documents required for the scheme:

  • The details of the Aadhaar card of a person
  • Identity proof is required for the scheme.
  • The person should have to certificate of migrant workers.